Wednesday, November 24, 2004


I'm finally getting vim to be the way I like it. Along the way I've found some pretty cool plugins at The first is taglist, which allows you to have a pane on the left side of your main buffer that lists the functions classes and methods of the file you are editing.

Another cool one is pydiction which supports autocompletion of python schemes, based on a pregenerated dictionary.

Python Fold is pimp awesome, it allows you to fold code and unfold it and do all sorts of cool things to make your life easier, and code look more readable.

Pydoc has become indespensible for me. Using :Pydoc *term* you can search pydoc for a topic, it will open up in a new mini buffer.

xml is pretty neat, when you complete an open tag, it will create the closed one and place your cursor between them. If you want the close tag on a new line, just type an extra > is the place to be.