Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Xorg Adventures

First I tried to get xorg and my t41p to work with two Dell 2001FPs that I have here at work. I have not had any success with that, and in fact we believe it is impossible to use two external displays with this laptop/dock. Whether or not this is true is still up to debate.

This lasted from yesterday at seven pm until today at eight pm. Since then, I've given one of the monitors to a co-worker, and have taken the new challenge of getting the one(!) dvi fed dell 2001fp working with this laptop. It took another hour to get that working just right. Now I have three device and three screen sections to deal with the vga out, the dvi out and hypothetically the LCD out (though using the lcd out results in the laptop screen turning on, but nothing else.) All of these operate independant of eachother. Next step . . . Dual head setup. What good is a few (5.5!) inches of space when you can't use the 14 inches you already have! Shenanigans I tell you.

That is my next task. Soon I will be updating my site with the most up to date xorg.conf file I have.

Sites that helped:

Monday, December 27, 2004

Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays to everyone!

I hope everyone had a less eventful weekend than I did.

What did I do this weekend you may ask?
I went to step family Christmas Eve, and the best thing I can say is that at least things are less awkward now, I suppose I'm getting more comfortable with these people. I suppose it is a natural progression, it's been six years now.

Christmas day was a spectactular endevor. While a family fued was not expected, it was no surprize that there was tackling and punching and yelling. Nobody was hurt physically.

The days following Christmas were spent trying to clone I've made no progress, though I've been hacking on it almost exclusivly. On the plus side I'm learning more about SQL and getting more python experience.

I got lots of super snazzy clothing. All the ladies will dig me now. I even got a new jacket! It's really nice and exactly what I was looking for in a new coat. Brown suede and fuzzy inside I am quite the designer fellow now.

I purchased microserfs, as recommended by trisha. It should be arriving soon, I purchased it via amazon and the seller is located in Illinois, so I don't expect it to be very long.

To add to the monitor heaven at work, I've ordered for my home a Dell 2001FP 599.56 after tax and shipping. Retail is 799.99. I did pretty well for myself. I used a coupon from the dellf promotion, as well as a coupon code I found on It's funny how the google discount is always more expensive than the price I can come up with. Good bye Google Holiday Bonus, you were good to me.

Thursday, December 23, 2004


thinkwiki is pretty neat. It's providing me with links to patches and such that will hopefully help me take advantage of all the neat features of this thinkpad.

Step 1: ACPI Patch containing ACPI_IBM

Step 2: -q -m 0 -l 35 -p 500 -s 200000 to options of powernowd

Step 3: Whine about lack of DRI for my laptop.

Step 4: Make sure bluetooth is working (How do you use bluetooth? I have a PDA that supports it, and this laptop, and hopefully a phone soon. How do I make them cool and work together?

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

T41p Adventures

Recompiled kernel . . . fb console works,

AGP modules selected
kernel streamlined . . . no extranious modules
Copied over home directory
Atherose MadWifi drivers installed
Xorg compiled, xorg.conf created

So, I finally get a fast computer, eg this t41, and I can't get dri working for it with the ati module for Shadows and compositing and transparency are sooo close, but yet... so far.

  • APM is working. . . . Why did I label the package -acpi? I suck... That's why.
  • Hard drive running well: Timing buffered disk reads: 110 MB in 3.01 seconds = 36.60 MB/sec
  • Suspend to RAM . . . Works with APM
  • ACPI Suspend to RAM . . . LCD won't come back! COME BACK DISPLAY!
  • Sound . . . Gotta figure out how to save volume when using udev
  • trackpoint -> Working fine, no problems.
  • touchpad -> How can I perminatly link /dev/input/event* to /dev/event*?
  • powernowd installed and running.... ooohhh.... powersavings.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Google Work

I got a full body massage today at work.

I haven't said this enough, vocally or in print. Thanks Google.

I really love working here. My friends tell me I'm crazy when I pull long hours or go on unending trips outside of my state, but really, I love it.

From the work environment to the people to the benefits there is not another place I would rather work.

Wednesday, December 1, 2004

fvwm events for gaim!

I posed this to the fvwm-users mailing list a month back . . . So, I'm thinking . . . I like having my terminals the full height of my display, except, when I get an instant message and I get that little damned pop up window, which I have stickied, so I don't miss any important conversations.

As such, I've had an idea. Whenever a new window is created have fvwm check to see if it is a chat window, and if it is, resize all my terminals so that the chat can fit unobtrusivly below them.

I have a sort of idea on how to do this, but I was wondering if anyone else had experience with something of this nature, or how to do conditionals with fvwm.

Then, while waiting at the airport to board the plane (and a few hours the night before) I figured out how to do this:

I've figured this out. . . It's mostly working, there are still a few bugs to work out, and it doesn't do 100% exactly what I want it to do, but . . .

Basically, when an add_window event occurs, a test is done to see if it's a gaim window, if it is, then do some resizes of my aterms, and move that window all the way right, then pack to the left (courtesy of taviso's PackWrapperLeft)

############### TESTING ############
DestroyFunc FuncUnShrinkForGaim
AddToFunc FuncUnShrinkForGaim
+ I ThisWindow (gaim)
+ I TestRc (NoMatch) Break
+ I Next (gaim)
+ I TestRc (Match) Break
+ I All (State 17) Maximize true 0 100%
+ I All (State 17) State 17 False

DestroyFunc FuncShinkForGaim
AddToFunc FuncShrinkForGaim
+ I ThisWindow (gaim)
+ I TestRc (NoMatch) Break
+ I ThisWindow State 18
+ I All (Maximized, aterm) State 17
+ I All (Maximized, mozilla-firefox) State 17
+ I All (State 17) Maximize true 0 -120p
+ I Next (State 18) Move -0 --6
+ I Next (State 18) PackWrapperLeft
+ I Next (State 18) State 18 false

################################## Event ######################################
DestroyModuleConfig FvwmEvent: *
*FvwmEvent: Cmd
*FvwmEvent: add_window FuncShrinkForGaim
*FvwmEvent: Cmd
*FvwmEvent: destroy_window FuncUnShrinkForGaim