Monday, December 27, 2004

Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays to everyone!

I hope everyone had a less eventful weekend than I did.

What did I do this weekend you may ask?
I went to step family Christmas Eve, and the best thing I can say is that at least things are less awkward now, I suppose I'm getting more comfortable with these people. I suppose it is a natural progression, it's been six years now.

Christmas day was a spectactular endevor. While a family fued was not expected, it was no surprize that there was tackling and punching and yelling. Nobody was hurt physically.

The days following Christmas were spent trying to clone I've made no progress, though I've been hacking on it almost exclusivly. On the plus side I'm learning more about SQL and getting more python experience.

I got lots of super snazzy clothing. All the ladies will dig me now. I even got a new jacket! It's really nice and exactly what I was looking for in a new coat. Brown suede and fuzzy inside I am quite the designer fellow now.

I purchased microserfs, as recommended by trisha. It should be arriving soon, I purchased it via amazon and the seller is located in Illinois, so I don't expect it to be very long.

To add to the monitor heaven at work, I've ordered for my home a Dell 2001FP 599.56 after tax and shipping. Retail is 799.99. I did pretty well for myself. I used a coupon from the dellf promotion, as well as a coupon code I found on It's funny how the google discount is always more expensive than the price I can come up with. Good bye Google Holiday Bonus, you were good to me.