Saturday, January 29, 2005

photos updated

Private Photos updated.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Business Cards are Cool

I really do work there, I'm not just having a good dream.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Through the frozen wastes they traveled
On roads of ice that threatened death
They came without concern for safety
Their power and dedication was something to marvel

It was a whim that caused the journey
A fair beauty called to one
He found he must obey her perfect will
His companions would not see him go alone

Christopher believed in his cause
Yet at the task his mind did faulter
Steven came to him witha blaze
His inpsiration freed the gears to turn

The other two, Joshua and Joseph
Searched for reasons, the plan would not include them
But the fates required their services
For nothing could be done without such good men

They came through icy terror to a haven of Gods
They sought enjoyment and comrodery, maddness and greatness
It would not be a difficult find
However the occurances of their journey must be told


Sunday, January 9, 2005

iwlist ath0 scan

Boy do I feel stupid:
[jlapenna@zane 2] $ sudo iwlist ath0 scan
ath0      Interface doesn't support scanning.

[jlapenna@zane 3] $ sudo iwlist ath0 scan
ath0      Interface doesn't support scanning.

[20:28 0.08] --( /home/jlapenna )-----------------------------------------------
[jlapenna@zane 4] $ sudo iwlist ath0 scan
ath0      Interface doesn't support scanning.

This is totally supported . . .
::time passes::
Google Search:
Madwifi FAQ

You need to run ifconfig ath0 up before you can scan. Do you feel stupid for not having tried this already? :-)

I'm retarded

Backups, Revision Control Systems and Me

I am a laptop user.

I don't own a desktop machine, and the closest thing to a desktop system is the mother brain I'm building

I'm also connected to my home network far less than I am to anywhere else, so difficulties arise in a number of backup/RCS situations

I spent many hours this weekend researching svn, arch, svk and other tools of revision control, there was even a good article by Debian developer Joey Hess about living his /home in subversion. While I totally agree with being able to keep revisions of my home directory stuff around for archival purposes, I think that using a RCS for a whole directory is just too complex for most needs, I don't want to remember to svn add or svn move files whenever I muck with things, or use a script to muck with things in the directory.

The idea of using a .hide with a bazillion symlinks is also a chore that I would rather not have to put up with.

I also looked at using arch but for the same reasons I abandoned svn, I bailed on arch, plus, it seems like the maintainer is a cocky son of a gun.

svk and arch both allow distributed repositories, which would solve my away from network issue, but it is another level of shenanigans in using my directory.

I decided what I'm going to do, for now . . . I will continue with my current backup scheme, and modify it to work a little better for me.

I use rdiff-backup and bave used it since September. it works quite well for me. For now what I will do is simply use it more often.

I am comptenplating using svn for my src directory as you should when programming, it will be a local directory that will get backed up by rdiff-backup but not store old copies of the repository on my server.

For transferability of user environment, I think it'll be easier to just write a quick shell script that will scp files over to the place I need them.

Saturday, January 8, 2005

Even more t41p and Xorg adventures!

While I intended to get a lot of work stuff done today I only succeeded in getting the following configurations of xorg + t41p working:

  • Laptop LCD only
  • Laptop LCD and DVI Clone
  • Laptop LCD and D-Sub
  • Laptop LCD and D-Sub (DVI as clone of Laptop LCD)
  • DVI and D-Sub
  • DVI
  • D-Sub

I will have configs for all of these on my main site soon.