Saturday, February 26, 2005

Vanilla Sky

I just saw Vanilla Sky, having wanted to see it since it was in theaters. I can say that I'm very disappointed . . . With the people who said the movie wasn't that great. I thoroughly enjoyed the film! Cameron Crowe remains top notch in my book. It was a great mind warp, and didn't have one of those fucked up endings that fuck up fucked up movies.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Condo Requirements

A work in progress, help me out here . . .


  1. At least one Bedroom + More Rooms (eg, studios suck)
  2. Minimum Master Bedroom size 12x10
  3. Close to El
  4. Close to Highway (takes priority over el if necessiary)
  5. Max 45 minute drive to Rolling Meadows or Elk Grove Village during my daily commute @ 10am and 7pm
  6. Parking
  7. In unit Washer/Dryer
  8. Central Air and Natural Gas Heating or in assessments
  • Wicker Park
  • Uptown
  • Lincoln Park
  • Logan's Square
  • Near West Side
  • Requests
    • Deck/Patio/Outside area thing
    • Combination Kitchen (Kitchens on their own are a waste of space)
    • Dish Washing machine
  • Saturday, February 19, 2005

    Cool linux things to do

    • mpd4ppc on my h4550 ipaq
    • quickcam 4000 working - DONE
    • openmosix cluster
    • creative labs CIMR 100 working (remote control and serial ir reciever

    Thursday, February 17, 2005


    Someone really has to write something that will do poly posting across a bunch of social networking sites. I have less technologically inclined friends who use silly things like myspace because their friends use myspace, or friendster because they know somone who was on it and so on and so fourth and that is supposed to be that way . . . kind of like this run on sentence that will not end. I would be much more content with these networks if they shared information. They have to realize, nobody is going to migrate from the service they start on.

    Companies providing this networking service must realize then that the only thing they have to fear regarding losing users is their own stupidity. With this in mind, if they were to open up an API to allow other social networking sites to hook into their massive database, then they could offer interoperability as a selling point. These networks do not compete on technical merit, only on size of their audience, as that has a direct effect on more people signing up with their service. True, if they offered interoperability, someone might shop around for a place to host their profile, but then again, most of these people are the same ones who would sign up because their friend gave them a link to the service they were given a link to and so on and so fourth.

    This open API would provide unending advantanges for the consumer, and a good number of positives for the service provider. The only ones losing out are the people who enjoy having to cross post across three to seven million different services and people like that probably also like watching paint dry. I have no sympathy for those folks.

    University of Google

    I've been in Mountain View, CA for the past three weeks, working furiously on a project I've been heavily involved with since October. As someone described to me tonight, Google is like a final project that is is always due yesterday, but never actually ends. When I failed out of Purdue, I didn't think that college life was the right thing for me, both socially and educationally. If college really is like Google, and I was just too far out of my mind to realize it, maybe I should go back for a while. . . Nah, I like it here too much. I firmly atest that after Google, I will go back to school; in the Fall I will take classes.

    Thursday, February 10, 2005

    Back didn't kill my desktop, resume work now.

    I installed 6.8.2 just now . . . Lets see if I come back after restarting X.

    Tuesday, February 8, 2005

    Google Maps!

    I'll never get lost again!!

    Try out: Google Maps Beta Use your mouse to scroll in all directions, use the slider to change zoom depth, even click on the little pins marked when you search for a place for even greater detail. I've been waiting for this for a long time. No more page refreshes when you need to change your perspective, no more hard to read streets on a little itty bitty screen shot. Here's a tip; Make your browser window larger . . . See? Now you have an even better view of things.

    I hope that with some time Google will release international maps, looking at streets on other continents is fun.

    Monday, February 7, 2005


    I'm trying to get a friend of mine a job at Google. He has a phone screening soon . . . I do so very much hope they think he fits the bill. I think he does! It'd be crazy to work with this guy again, when we worked together in high school we were the ActionTeamSuperForce, and could crimp cat 5 like there was no tomorrow! He'll fit right in with the guys I work with here. Bwa ha ha ha ha. He and miket will brawl, He and Dean will agree, and Francisco and him will most definatly begin to start tweaking things such as chairs, tables, coffee machines and maybe even their phones.


    I'm working on enhancing my photo galleries on my site, and I've made some progress tonight. So far I have set up the database schema, created the databases, threw together a couple of wrapper functions in python, one to hold a database connection, another to Add a user to said database. When I get this up and running, like most everythin on my site, I'll release the code.
    CREATE DATABASE MyPhotoGallery;
    USE MyPhotoGallery;
    CREATE TABLE users (
      user VARCHAR(64), 
      email VARCHAR(255),
      password BLOB,
      admin BOOL DEFAULT 0,
      UNIQUE email (email),
      UNIQUE user (user)
    CREATE TABLE photos (
      photo VARCHAR(255),
      album BIGINT UNSIGNED,
      title VARCHAR(255)
    CREATE TABLE comments (
      comment TEXT,
    CREATE TABLE users_groups (
      group_id BIGINT UNSIGNED
    CREATE TABLE album_groups (
      album_id BIGINT UNSIGNED,
      group_id BIGINT UNSIGNED
    CREATE TABLE groups (
      name VARCHAR(64), 
      owner VARCHAR(64),
      password BLOB,
      UNIQUE name (name)
    CREATE TABLE album (
      album VARCHAR(255), 
      title VARCHAR(255),
      description TEXT,
      owner BIGINT UNSIGNED,
      parent BIGINT UNSIGNED

    Sunday, February 6, 2005


    Its only if I drink enough, am in a good enough mood, am with a bunch of people I know who will only laugh at me because they are my friends, and I'm feeling a little crazy . . . I dance.

    Last night was different. I went to a club in Sunnyvale* called The Forum. After I took 30 minutes to find the only major street in the area, I entered the club and proceeded to go stand by the dance floor. First I watched the dancing. . . .Then wouldn't you know it, there was a little foot tapping . . . Then, there is a little shoulder movement and the next thing you know, I'm on the dance floor like a fool dancin with myself. I had no booze, I had no friends around, I had no ladies. I did this for a long time. I still feel weird.

    I kind of like dancing, too bad I suck at it, like everything else requiring coordination.

    I also have another confession to make . . . I like techno music these days. The club I went to was playing all that rap hiphop stuff, but this is something I think still needed to be said.

    *Every time I pass that sign, I think of replacing a v with a d, and we have Buffy.

    Saturday, February 5, 2005

    People using Linux

    My friend Chris is starting to use Linux quite extensively, finally after years of telling him it would be good for his health, he's started making his way to the good side of software. Why though, do institutions of higher learning support a vile monopoly over a community based effort? Some of the sites for his classes require IE.

    Wednesday, February 2, 2005

    My Buddy Wayne

    There is this guy who I went to highschool with, and he's been doing some amazing things after highschool. He say's I'm more impressive but that's totally untrue. That I know of, he's done:
    • Semester in South Africa doing an exchange program thing
    • Volunteer on the Howard Dean campaign
    • Journalism escapades of all sorts, including this institute thing
    • Tried to join the peace corps
    • Editor of UofI Newspaper's Opinions section
    • Graduating early

    He was always one of those super achievers in HS, it works out that he's been so successful so far.

    He's is one of the few nice people from my high school, congrats to him and I wish him luck.