Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Computers Suck Balls

So, we are all aware of Josh's computer problems . . . let me expound on mine. . .

Things were going swimmingly that fine March day; the first nice day in quite a few, since that odd weekend a bit back with temperatures in the high fifties. I was making progress on a project at work and I had a tasty lunch.

Thinking I would extend the pleasant day to my home, I decided it was time to go there. I left the office, and not minutes after I returned home, I tried to log onto my server. How odd . . . My root password wasn't working. That's quite peculiar . . . one sudo command later and I'm back in business. Worried though, root passwords don't change by themselves afterall. Looking in my logs, I found some curious connections being established just 10 minutes before I logged on. Uh oh. Bad news. I turned down the port to the internet on my server and began examining for more examples of bad behavior by someone. Long story short, it's decided that now it's time to reinstall. Well, I grab my laptop intending to use it to proxy between my wireless internet connection and the 10/100 port on my server. Surprize surprize, it turns off. Yep. Off. I turn it back on and things look okay until I decide it is not a dangerous thing to move a laptop. I move it . . . and the screen flickers white; then turns off. It still does this, one hour later.

Here are some hard statistics for March 29, 2005:

  • Laptops broken: Two
  • Servers hacked: One
  • Unhappy geeks: Two
  • People laughing: Too many to count
Well, time to sit and watch debian install on my server. . . Ha ha. Funny that this post isn't going to see the light of day until my server is back up. Ha. Ha. Real Funny. Actually what is a laugh is that I was thinking, well, I can atleast look at Not My Stuff in the meantime to see what people are up to. See the problem here? joelapenna.com. HAXORED.

Monday, March 28, 2005


Geeze man,

I'm glad Chris is back to his normal ass hole self. Seems a bit of my mood has rubbed off of him. Good. I don't like being an ass but he does.

It'd be pretty damn cool if I could hear Travis stories every week. That would be like living an adventure every time uncle Zane tells a story!

Chris has a pretty good grasp on what's going on in this drama cluster fuck we call a circle of friends. (I mean that in the kindest of ways) Except for the buying friends part . . . Chris should know better, Josh when through this shit last year; He's better now. We can hope the same of Steve. I have faith, if I'm wrong we will have to patented falldown technique all the way to hell.

Today I worked more on my guerilla programming tactics; we'll see where this goes. . . I have faith!

Local work people still hate me . . . no matter, going to cali in a week.

Bought Design Patterns from Amazon last week, USPS lost it, reordering tomorrow. I hear its one of those must read books. If there is only one programming paradigms book you read this lifetime, make it Design Patterns . . . this is what I've been told.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Goals for the weekend

2005-3-27 1pm
Shoot, I'm more than 75% through the weekend and I haven't read either of the JEPs I wanted to. On the plus side, I did get to work on building my environment for the Something that I am coding. Eg, I got the Java VM & SDK installed. Ready to rock out with my . . .
2005-3-27 1pm
Well, got Service Discovery read. Very not complex. Next step, MuC.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Re: On a Roll!

On Wed, 23 Mar 2005 14:30:46 -0500, Matt Ferrara wrote:
> Hey buddy say what you want, its good for people to get shit off their
> chests. Perhaps if more people did it the world would be a better
> place. Also I think that we all inherently know that we are opening

I very much doubt this, all this causes is the loss of better flows of conversation.

> ourselves up to public comment and since it is our choice I'm fairly > ok with whatever you have to say. Though if you get to lippy I will
> be forced to lay the smack talk right back at you.

I wouldn't expect anything less.

On a Roll!

Oh yeah, while I'm losing more friends, I thought it a good idea to expound on this whole blog thing. Since when did "Web Log" become "Place where I write about my feelings all the time so people will pity/extole/praise/hate me?"

In an effort to lose more friends here is some social commentary from your currently reigning champion of Asshole . . . me.

You keep doing what you're doing, your stories are at least interesting, if a bit trite.
Less whining, more substance. Tell us something interesting you learned in school, or about how many beer bongs you dealt with last week, that is interesting.
Your stories are too long, so I don't read them, but your posts about what you are doing are pretty interesting. Keep up the stellar work.
You hate me cause I'm a nasty drunk wierdo, you are saved from commentary.
What the hell are you doing writing about your feelings, you *were* doing a good job, now you suck.
More academia talk, less feelings talk. When you want to talk to someone, call them on the phone, which seems like you've been doing, so good job on that.
The day you actually have any content (feelings or otherwise) in your "Write about my feelings all the time so people will pity/extole/praise/hate me place," I will die, almost as much as when I found out you had a job. Until you actually have something to write, save a keyboard and don't even type.
Good job running away from this crap.
Zane (Mike B.)
You have an incredible blog, I enjoy hearing what you do every so often. You have a good idea about what this is all about.
I swear, you were doing a good job at this blog thing, with your entry about Toronto and the dirty ears and what not. Then you had to go and ruin it by trying to tell a story . . . Good job on the story, bad job on the readily apparent oozing of emotion. Then again, I could be wrong.

So the moral of the story is: Less feelings, more rock. Kind of like pop music. Also, if you want to hear what I have to say about your feelings in public, the way you all keep posting about your feelings in public . . . keep on doing it. I will get my licks in and I will be an asshole! Or . . . if you prefer, do the adult thing and talk to people, phone, im, email, US fucking Postal Service, I don't care, there are better ways to communicate your feelings than by posting on a billboard right off of 94 saying you are sad today (not as bad as posting your feelings in a WEB LOG)

So as they say in the great book:
So long [feelings] and thanks for all the fish!

In other words, feelings stink.

Assholishly yours,

Current Mood is What the Fuck?

Currently, (comical eh?) I have this strong desire to punch people in the face. Lots of people. I can't say I'm cynical but I can say that in this case, either people are really oh so considerate of my feelings beyond comparision to anyone in the world . . . or they don't care. I'm heading towards the latter. So this means I want to punch people in the face; why you ask? Because why am I spending time thinking and worrying about people when they won't even talk to me about what it is this week that is making them cry/pout/puke/insert-sad-thing-here.

Oh yeah, if you think this is about you. It probably is.
No hard feelings, just talk to me when you're having problems is all I'm saying.

Normally not such an asshole,

Sunday, March 20, 2005

New Condo Reqs

Taking a journey to the areas of Chicago that I can afford, and work daily commute wise, I've decided that Chicago looks to not be so promising a place. Today was not a loss though, I realized there are more things that I require for my place; things that I did not consider before.

I also realized just how much I want an area I can walk places. Walk to the store, walk to a resturant, walk somewhere, anywhere everywhere.


  1. Biggest thing: Need places to walk to.
  2. At least one Bedroom + More Rooms (eg, studios suck)
  3. Minimum Master Bedroom size 12x10
  4. Close to El
  5. Close to Highway (takes priority over el if necessary)
  6. Max 45 minute drive to Rolling Meadows or Elk Grove Village during my daily commute @ 10am and 7pm
  7. Parking
  8. In unit Washer/Dryer
  9. Central Air and Natural Gas Heating or w/in assessments
  10. Two parallel big walls, one for projection, one for couch area
  • Oak Park looking like the only place, atm
  • Deck/Patio/Outside area thing
  • Combination Kitchen (Kitchens on their own are a waste of space)
  • "Open floor plan"
  • Dish Washing machine

Saturday, March 19, 2005

XMPP Reading List

Today I begin my foray into XMPP. I've been "using" jabber for a number of years now. (Reality: Signed up for an account at jabber.org . . . never talked to anyone on it) It is time to figure out a way to contribute.

Here is my reading list

Wow, That's a lot of reading. 3921 Took me most of today, starting at around 10am and ending around 8:40pm. I'm surprized I didn't stop. I'd have to say the most complex thing in the entire pair of RFCs are presence subscriptions, even then, the general concepts around it are not complex just the if/then/else logic required for proper privacy rules.

I'm surprized about the privacy lists IQ set/result mechanism, I assume that like most of what I've read today that XMPP tries to follow the anti-perl method of there is more than one way to do anything. With this in regard, it makes sense I suppose to only support full list writing versus modififying privacy lists. (No Deltas allowed). This is a wierd semantic given that rosters allow additions/subtractions to the list, and full rewrites of it are not required . . . not allowed in fact due to the storage mechanism for the whole subscribe notion of Pending/None/etc.

I'm sure for most people who understand XMPP I'm only partly right and mostly wrong, but this was my first time through the documentation.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Are YOU a hipster

First, take a look at the Hipster Bingo board

Then, look at Wikipedia's Hipster Entry . . . What do you think . . . Are you a hipster?

I have three things matching on the bingo board. Vans, Hoodie, Glasses . . . Can you do better? I bet you can!


This is only going to make a few people laugh, but well, laugh anyways.

Renaminance of the Night!

I found this in the oddest of places, work's intranet.

Monday, March 14, 2005

New design

New layout for my site. Like it or die.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Upcoming events

On March 22nd, I'm going to smart bar to see Donnie Darko and Blade Runner
On April 18th, I might go see Mindless Self Indulgence

Anyone want to go with me?

MySpace MAGIC! Oh god yes.

Chris' Blog's RSS feed.

I don't ever have to go to MySpace.com again . . . RSS feed creator . . . heaven.

Thanks goes to This Guy!

Get your fancy RSS feed for myspace @ http://weblog.randomchaos.com/myspace.php

Now for a python version? I don't want to slam this guy's server all day long.


2018 N SPAULDING Chicago 60647 - 05038783

Sunday, March 6, 2005

xmpp & bloglines

My goal for the evening was to get a bot running on a jabber server that would send you IMs whenever bloglines was updated. I am very close to having this done, problems remain though. Seems pyxmpp does not play well with feedparser.

DEBUG: tls_verify_callback(depth=0,ok=0)
DEBUG: Traceback (most recent call last):
DEBUG:   File "/home/jlapenna/botlibs/pyxmpp/stream.py", line 1271, in _tls_verify_callback
    ok=cb(self, ctx,cert,errnum,depth,ok)
DEBUG: TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not callable
DEBUG: tls_verify_callback(depth=0,ok=0)
DEBUG: Traceback (most recent call last):
DEBUG:   File "/home/jlapenna/botlibs/pyxmpp/stream.py", line 1271, in _tls_verify_callback
    ok=cb(self, ctx,cert,errnum,depth,ok)
DEBUG: TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not callable
DEBUG: tls_verify_callback(depth=0,ok=0)
DEBUG: Traceback (most recent call last):
DEBUG:   File "/home/jlapenna/botlibs/pyxmpp/stream.py", line 1271, in _tls_verify_callback
    ok=cb(self, ctx,cert,errnum,depth,ok)
DEBUG: TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not callable
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "blog.py", line 88, in ?
  File "blog.py", line 28, in run_forever
  File "/home/jlapenna/botlibs/pyxmpp/client.py", line 134, in loop
  File "/home/jlapenna/botlibs/pyxmpp/stream.py", line 517, in loop
  File "/home/jlapenna/botlibs/pyxmpp/stream.py", line 533, in _loop_iter
TypeError: an integer is required

Things I would like to do.

There are many things today that I would like to do.
I would like to:
-Read up on XMPP
-Start a project in java related to XMPP
-Release gmail_tell v1.0
-Catch up on work stuff
-Get File sharing working perfectly off of my server
-Read 1984
-Read Brave New World
-Fix gaim's incesant need to have three lines of text in the input field of a message window
-Finish my story
-Read Mike's Story

Now, I'm sure you can see the problem here. There is really not enough time in the day to do all the things I want to. Even if I didn't have to work, there would only be one less item on my list. So what is one to do? Prioritize? Well, the things I want to do most are also the most challenging and will take the most time. So what do I do? The quickest things aren't even that quick. I still won't be able to get 50% of these things done. I will have to just give up and say save it for the next day. But I'll bet between now and the next day, I will have added even more to this list of things to do.

There is only one solution. I lied. Two solutions
1. Less sleep
2. More Day

I can work on one. Two is out of my control. Fuck it, I'm going to bed.

Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Indoor Football

It was indoors . . .

I think that counts

Tackling the enemy