Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Computers Suck Balls

So, we are all aware of Josh's computer problems . . . let me expound on mine. . .

Things were going swimmingly that fine March day; the first nice day in quite a few, since that odd weekend a bit back with temperatures in the high fifties. I was making progress on a project at work and I had a tasty lunch.

Thinking I would extend the pleasant day to my home, I decided it was time to go there. I left the office, and not minutes after I returned home, I tried to log onto my server. How odd . . . My root password wasn't working. That's quite peculiar . . . one sudo command later and I'm back in business. Worried though, root passwords don't change by themselves afterall. Looking in my logs, I found some curious connections being established just 10 minutes before I logged on. Uh oh. Bad news. I turned down the port to the internet on my server and began examining for more examples of bad behavior by someone. Long story short, it's decided that now it's time to reinstall. Well, I grab my laptop intending to use it to proxy between my wireless internet connection and the 10/100 port on my server. Surprize surprize, it turns off. Yep. Off. I turn it back on and things look okay until I decide it is not a dangerous thing to move a laptop. I move it . . . and the screen flickers white; then turns off. It still does this, one hour later.

Here are some hard statistics for March 29, 2005:

  • Laptops broken: Two
  • Servers hacked: One
  • Unhappy geeks: Two
  • People laughing: Too many to count
Well, time to sit and watch debian install on my server. . . Ha ha. Funny that this post isn't going to see the light of day until my server is back up. Ha. Ha. Real Funny. Actually what is a laugh is that I was thinking, well, I can atleast look at Not My Stuff in the meantime to see what people are up to. See the problem here? joelapenna.com. HAXORED.