Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Current Mood is What the Fuck?

Currently, (comical eh?) I have this strong desire to punch people in the face. Lots of people. I can't say I'm cynical but I can say that in this case, either people are really oh so considerate of my feelings beyond comparision to anyone in the world . . . or they don't care. I'm heading towards the latter. So this means I want to punch people in the face; why you ask? Because why am I spending time thinking and worrying about people when they won't even talk to me about what it is this week that is making them cry/pout/puke/insert-sad-thing-here.

Oh yeah, if you think this is about you. It probably is.
No hard feelings, just talk to me when you're having problems is all I'm saying.

Normally not such an asshole,