Sunday, March 20, 2005

New Condo Reqs

Taking a journey to the areas of Chicago that I can afford, and work daily commute wise, I've decided that Chicago looks to not be so promising a place. Today was not a loss though, I realized there are more things that I require for my place; things that I did not consider before.

I also realized just how much I want an area I can walk places. Walk to the store, walk to a resturant, walk somewhere, anywhere everywhere.


  1. Biggest thing: Need places to walk to.
  2. At least one Bedroom + More Rooms (eg, studios suck)
  3. Minimum Master Bedroom size 12x10
  4. Close to El
  5. Close to Highway (takes priority over el if necessary)
  6. Max 45 minute drive to Rolling Meadows or Elk Grove Village during my daily commute @ 10am and 7pm
  7. Parking
  8. In unit Washer/Dryer
  9. Central Air and Natural Gas Heating or w/in assessments
  10. Two parallel big walls, one for projection, one for couch area
  • Oak Park looking like the only place, atm
  • Deck/Patio/Outside area thing
  • Combination Kitchen (Kitchens on their own are a waste of space)
  • "Open floor plan"
  • Dish Washing machine