Saturday, March 19, 2005

XMPP Reading List

Today I begin my foray into XMPP. I've been "using" jabber for a number of years now. (Reality: Signed up for an account at . . . never talked to anyone on it) It is time to figure out a way to contribute.

Here is my reading list

Wow, That's a lot of reading. 3921 Took me most of today, starting at around 10am and ending around 8:40pm. I'm surprized I didn't stop. I'd have to say the most complex thing in the entire pair of RFCs are presence subscriptions, even then, the general concepts around it are not complex just the if/then/else logic required for proper privacy rules.

I'm surprized about the privacy lists IQ set/result mechanism, I assume that like most of what I've read today that XMPP tries to follow the anti-perl method of there is more than one way to do anything. With this in regard, it makes sense I suppose to only support full list writing versus modififying privacy lists. (No Deltas allowed). This is a wierd semantic given that rosters allow additions/subtractions to the list, and full rewrites of it are not required . . . not allowed in fact due to the storage mechanism for the whole subscribe notion of Pending/None/etc.

I'm sure for most people who understand XMPP I'm only partly right and mostly wrong, but this was my first time through the documentation.