Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Not punk. I'd have to say thats a fact. Not alt rock, thats a positive. . . . reminds me of Jimmy Eat World's first album combined with the cure and skiba sounding like his throat *isn't* coated in sandpaper.

I have to hear the other half to say whether I'll really like this album (the other half *need* to be faster more punkish or I will be sad). When people say "different" they usually mean suck ass. I have to say though this is very different (except for the guitar riff I've heard in a song of theirs before) from their previous stuff. Ah! In pausing a second I realize something that makes this sound better than Good Mourning. Doesn't sound over produced. It is for sure produced, it sounds slick, but it doesn't seem like a computer went over every track and "fixed" imperfections. I need to do a comparision to other albums for a less ambigous less sucky review.

All in all Dan and Matt both sound better, and the instruments make neat things go. I don't know how much I like this album though, too . . . mellow. There is nothing to grab me by the heart and make me scream along with the lyrics at the windshield