Tuesday, April 26, 2005

For the unenlightened

I am thoroughtly upset with work. I can't be more detailed because it would violate non-disclosure agreements. I'm angry about it. Its something I don't feel like talking to people about yet because it's not fully resolved, we'll see the extent of what happens over the next few days.

I fucking suck, my only repose to josH is another vague and uninspired and wholly craptastic message.

In other news, my car is breaking and I have to get raped by Enterprise so I can get to this job that I am angry with. No other news for me really. Corporate culture is overcoming the small segment of work I am a part of.

We've hired new people at work, one of which I referred. He's liking the job as best I can tell, and he's become inspired to start using Linux more. That's what we need him to do and its good for the linux community, one more user. Unlike drug users though, it's not just the first one that's free. I have my stickers back on my laptop, well three of them. I have to do some more transplant work later this week.

I heard the second half of the new Alkaline Trio album; not as good as the first half, but listenable. I have to think musically (not necessarily lyrically) they have become a different band from when they started. This is cool, bands that do this live on and improve. The Beatles, RX Bandits, etc. Amazing bands that started out far different from their latest works.

In other news, I have this bad-ass picture looking up to the top of the sears tower as my background in a very high resolution, it looks incredible. I'd give the link to where I found it, but . . . . I lost it. I'd upload it, but it's a few megs big. You can probably find it on http://images.google.com.

I'm really trying to make up for the prior post and the first paragraph of this one. Props to josH for keeping it real.

Take a look at these CTA maps on maps.google.com. Too bad Google didn't come up with it first.

My brother got a tattoo of the heart that is on RX Bandit's The Resignation. He called me a pussy for planning on the OEF tattoo. I've been having my doubts about it too.