Monday, May 23, 2005


Recieved from a crazy man in front of the Eaton Center:





Jesus Christ believed in a BURNING HELL, that is why He left the Father's bosom and came into this world of sorrow. He left the streets of gold and the rejoicing of angels, to come to this earth to be crucified, so htat you and I could escape THE BURNING HELL.

I can't write anymore. . . visit the above url for the complete text. Its way too funny. I love having no hope for humanity.

Sunday, May 22, 2005


Today was the first day since I got to Toronto where I didn't do anything exciting . . . and that was exciting in and of itself. I woke up late, hacked on my website, watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Great flick, I suggest seeing it if you have the chance) then more hacking . . . that is until work struck and I've spent the past three hours working on a fairly important problem.

The weekend

Guess what? I got to hang out with Liz again, that was totally cool, and Geoff too! Thursday night I saw them at Velvet, but we all know how it is at a club, loud and not entirely social. So Friday, after we got off of work, I gave Liz a call, returning her phone call from earlier in the day and we decided to get diner. Yay food. We went to a Korean Grill, the kind of place where you have to cook your own food. I enjoyed my food, even though I burned it, on account of being afraid of food posioning. Over the course of the two hours that we ate for. (Its a sloooooowwww process) we chatted about a number of things, and it was nice to catch up with the pair. Its been a long time since I really hung out with either of them and yesterday's chance was a great opportunity to do so.

Saturday was okay fun I suppose. In the afternoon, Amit, Dean and I went shopping. Too much time in the mall (Eaton Center) and not enough time in the shops along queen and whatnot, in my opinion. Afterwards we met up with Kyung and headed to Toronto's Chinatown where we ate at King's Noodle House what we all agreed was the best Chinese food we've had that we can remember. Rol San compares, but until I eat there again to challenge, King's Noodle House is the victor in quality.

Saturday night began at De's place where I hung out on the porch (cats inside . . . EVIL) and some people kept me company, thanks Brad, Dave, Sue, Liz, TC and Suzie. No thanks to De, who stayed inside cleaning and prepping for the arrival of Germans or to Jay and other-Dave who stayed inside and played WoW. I left after about an hour and a half of that, no fair to the people having to stay outside, plus, I had another party to go to.

The rest of Saturday night fun, but a bout of drama overshadowed most of the evening as we hung out with Graham's friends at one of our apartments. Some people got too drunk and started doing silly things. I was worried but then things calmed down a bit, nobody was hurt physically and at one point, miraculously, the drama was over . . . oh yeah, that was when everybody left.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Episode Three

We had a company outing to see Episode Three today. Wow, I was incredibly pleased exiting that film. If you ignore the lack of convincing dialog and Lucas' attempt at being cute you're left with a great action movie. Episode 3 is worthy of being associated with the original three Star Wars movies the film has tons of action, fighting and space battles. I refuse to give away any surprizes (even if we know how it ends, the parts leading up to it shouldn't be spoiled) so I can't back this up with anything except "trust me."

Recent Developments

Heh, I Karokeed yesterday. Prior to that and after leaving work Ben, Dean, Amit, Kyung, Graham and I went to Hooters. This Toronto Hooters had the best looking waitresses of the Hooters I've been to previously. I suppose saying that proves I'm as shallow as most guys but I'm not going to lie. I didn't suggest going there though. The wings and Poutine were tasty though, much better than the last time I went there. Afterwards we went to a karokee bar. I've never been to a Karokee bar before, and it was a fun experience, too bad I made a total fool of myself. :-) We followed that up by going to Fox and the Fiddle. I saw Jay there and said hi. Amit got so trashed I had to help him home and of course we were 25 minutes late for work. We're such slackers. I found out today I get to stay an extra two weeks up here in the great white Canada. So that means to those people who were going to go to Canada the week after the NERO kzoo event I suggest that you come to Canada the week prior.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

CN Tower Visit

We went to the 360 Resturant at the CN tower. Great food, cool atmosphere, expensive. (My meal was > $70 . . . Thanks Google!) I added some photos to my pics galleries. Be sure to visit the private pics section if you are able to see the tons of photos I've posted there.

Monday, May 16, 2005


Yay! We went for sushi today, it was quite good, and incredibly cheap, only $60 Canadian for four of us, including four appetizers. The place was Sushi Supreme, on Yonge near eglington. Which reminds me. I haven't been able to get in contact with Liz yet. I will have to make better efforts with that.

Busy Me in Toronto

I've been very busy during my stay in Toronto. I hung out with De a couple of times, went to bars almost every night, worked like a madman during the entire week, got into a head-on collision (I wasn't driving, nobody was hurt besides bruises), went on the subway, did some shopping and more.

The week in review:
Monday: Arrived in Toronto, without luggage (United decided they weren't going to ship it.) Worked, went to the Drake Hotel, which is a pretty cool place. (Photos to come, and one already posted.)
Tuesday: I hung out with De cause I was finally able to get in contact with her. We went to Fox and the Fiddle, Artful Dodger, Milestones and walked all over the place. It was great catching up with her.
Wedensday: Hung out with TC and saw "the Canadians" place. Its nice, except for the cats which need to die, quickly.
Thursday: De's Former Indaho going away party, went to Rol San at 1:30am with De and Mike Wise, yay fun. I remember now why I didn't remember what happened wedensday, it's because I got my days all mixed up.
Friday:Friday night was spent at a bar, "pub," with a bunch of one of my coworker's former coworkers along with a couple of TO residents and fellow travellers. At this pub there was COFFEE PORTER . . . yes, coffee flavored beer. It was excellent.
Saturday: I spent the afternoon walking along Queen Street, from Yonge to Niagra, I even did some shopping, afterall there were tons of shops to visit on that street.Saturday night I went to Dance Cave, drank too much and danced to some current-rock music (eg rock music that is on the radio right now)
Sunday: Chilled with my homies, aka coworkers.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Monday, May 9, 2005


I've recently (read two days ago) switched from gaim to Psi, something akin to trading a friend of five years for a some new person that may or may not be as cool. I did this for the betterment of mankind though, so I feel less bad about it. As trite as that may sound, jabber/xmpp is going to get big in a serious way and I hope it brings a better communication experience to the internet.

I have AIM transports set up, so you can still reach me on AOL IM, but I hope you consider a switch. I understand if its not ready for you, but I hope I can start making things more approachable, first though I have to learn C++ to an extent greater of being able to *mostly* read "Hello, World!" Lucky for me, I know a Psi developer to ask questions if I need assistance with figuring out the Psi code base. Unfortunate for me is the fact that most of the little things that I can think of right now are already implemented in Psi, so my ideas of starting very small are potentially thwarted.

In other news, I've been listening to this band thing, Stereolab that suddenly found its way onto my mp3 player. Ah ha! I found out where it came from. I blame one of my coworkers from whom I copied a ton of music. She did it, blast! The pirate strikes again!

Well, time to go wait for my taxi.

Tuesday, May 3, 2005

gaim & jabber

I use gaim as my primary IM client due to its multi-protocol support and the fact that I've been using it for five years and habits are hard to kill.

A while back I submitted a minor patch (3 lines, with some help from some of the developers on that, so I would even hasten to say that I wrote the patch) for a dns whitespace issue. Due to my growing interest in jabber, I want to see gaim support more XMPP features. The first one I decided to try and tackle is resource priority. I sent an email to the devel list requesting commentary on the proper implemnattion of priority in gaim and solicited a couple of possible options. We'll see how things go.

Looking at the source this time around things seem a bit easier. I blame this in part upon Chris since he's been helping me understand C a bit more. (For all the ladies out there, yep, Chris is a geek, you need not talk to him anymore all hope for him is lost).

There are two options for setting/supporting resource priority in gaim. One method is tie it to the account, and allow the client to have only one priority no matter what status it is set to. Eg, no matter if you're Away, DND, Missing, or Available the client would always have the same priority and would always have messages routed to/past it when another client with lower/higher is online.

The other option is have priority tied directly to status, so that all different statuses will have variable priorities; an example of this would be if you were away for your client to have a -100 priority but if you were available a 5 priority, that way if you were on said client and around then you'd get messages routed for anything with a priority less than 5, but if you were to set it to away, you'd more than likely not get any messages as they'd be routed to a different higher priority resource. This second method seems to be what the gaim developers had in mind when sprinkling the little bits of priority code in the jabber protocol plugin thinger.

Sunday, May 1, 2005

mod_python request objects & caching

How can I set no-cache on requests served by mod_python? I am having this agravating issue of image caching that causes images that rotate in my photo gallery to show up un-rotated even though the rotated image is sitting on disk. I think the solution to this would be to set up an image handler in apache that will serve No-Cache no-cache and Pragma no-cache headers to image GETs . . . but that means no caching.

So it think the only valid solution would be to make a handler that dealt entirely with my photo gallery stuff, no more using the publisher handler. This has the makings of an interesting project.

A project for another day, because I have to get back to my XMPP/jabber (not-yet-existant) work.


I've been distracted the past month with massive quantities of work, its time to get back to doing stuff with jabber. Really, I will.

On another note, it looks like I'm not getting accepted to UofI @ Chicago. I struggled with the regular physics cirriculum; but that of course is not good enough, I need the 200 level sequence. I did poorly in Calc; I need to complete Calc 2,3 and Differential Equations. I could also do for more CS coursework. How many years do I have to spend at community college before I can even try to go to a real school? Probably sixteen.