Monday, May 16, 2005

Busy Me in Toronto

I've been very busy during my stay in Toronto. I hung out with De a couple of times, went to bars almost every night, worked like a madman during the entire week, got into a head-on collision (I wasn't driving, nobody was hurt besides bruises), went on the subway, did some shopping and more.

The week in review:
Monday: Arrived in Toronto, without luggage (United decided they weren't going to ship it.) Worked, went to the Drake Hotel, which is a pretty cool place. (Photos to come, and one already posted.)
Tuesday: I hung out with De cause I was finally able to get in contact with her. We went to Fox and the Fiddle, Artful Dodger, Milestones and walked all over the place. It was great catching up with her.
Wedensday: Hung out with TC and saw "the Canadians" place. Its nice, except for the cats which need to die, quickly.
Thursday: De's Former Indaho going away party, went to Rol San at 1:30am with De and Mike Wise, yay fun. I remember now why I didn't remember what happened wedensday, it's because I got my days all mixed up.
Friday:Friday night was spent at a bar, "pub," with a bunch of one of my coworker's former coworkers along with a couple of TO residents and fellow travellers. At this pub there was COFFEE PORTER . . . yes, coffee flavored beer. It was excellent.
Saturday: I spent the afternoon walking along Queen Street, from Yonge to Niagra, I even did some shopping, afterall there were tons of shops to visit on that street.Saturday night I went to Dance Cave, drank too much and danced to some current-rock music (eg rock music that is on the radio right now)
Sunday: Chilled with my homies, aka coworkers.