Monday, May 9, 2005


I've recently (read two days ago) switched from gaim to Psi, something akin to trading a friend of five years for a some new person that may or may not be as cool. I did this for the betterment of mankind though, so I feel less bad about it. As trite as that may sound, jabber/xmpp is going to get big in a serious way and I hope it brings a better communication experience to the internet.

I have AIM transports set up, so you can still reach me on AOL IM, but I hope you consider a switch. I understand if its not ready for you, but I hope I can start making things more approachable, first though I have to learn C++ to an extent greater of being able to *mostly* read "Hello, World!" Lucky for me, I know a Psi developer to ask questions if I need assistance with figuring out the Psi code base. Unfortunate for me is the fact that most of the little things that I can think of right now are already implemented in Psi, so my ideas of starting very small are potentially thwarted.

In other news, I've been listening to this band thing, Stereolab that suddenly found its way onto my mp3 player. Ah ha! I found out where it came from. I blame one of my coworkers from whom I copied a ton of music. She did it, blast! The pirate strikes again!

Well, time to go wait for my taxi.