Friday, May 20, 2005

Recent Developments

Heh, I Karokeed yesterday. Prior to that and after leaving work Ben, Dean, Amit, Kyung, Graham and I went to Hooters. This Toronto Hooters had the best looking waitresses of the Hooters I've been to previously. I suppose saying that proves I'm as shallow as most guys but I'm not going to lie. I didn't suggest going there though. The wings and Poutine were tasty though, much better than the last time I went there. Afterwards we went to a karokee bar. I've never been to a Karokee bar before, and it was a fun experience, too bad I made a total fool of myself. :-) We followed that up by going to Fox and the Fiddle. I saw Jay there and said hi. Amit got so trashed I had to help him home and of course we were 25 minutes late for work. We're such slackers. I found out today I get to stay an extra two weeks up here in the great white Canada. So that means to those people who were going to go to Canada the week after the NERO kzoo event I suggest that you come to Canada the week prior.