Sunday, May 22, 2005

The weekend

Guess what? I got to hang out with Liz again, that was totally cool, and Geoff too! Thursday night I saw them at Velvet, but we all know how it is at a club, loud and not entirely social. So Friday, after we got off of work, I gave Liz a call, returning her phone call from earlier in the day and we decided to get diner. Yay food. We went to a Korean Grill, the kind of place where you have to cook your own food. I enjoyed my food, even though I burned it, on account of being afraid of food posioning. Over the course of the two hours that we ate for. (Its a sloooooowwww process) we chatted about a number of things, and it was nice to catch up with the pair. Its been a long time since I really hung out with either of them and yesterday's chance was a great opportunity to do so.

Saturday was okay fun I suppose. In the afternoon, Amit, Dean and I went shopping. Too much time in the mall (Eaton Center) and not enough time in the shops along queen and whatnot, in my opinion. Afterwards we met up with Kyung and headed to Toronto's Chinatown where we ate at King's Noodle House what we all agreed was the best Chinese food we've had that we can remember. Rol San compares, but until I eat there again to challenge, King's Noodle House is the victor in quality.

Saturday night began at De's place where I hung out on the porch (cats inside . . . EVIL) and some people kept me company, thanks Brad, Dave, Sue, Liz, TC and Suzie. No thanks to De, who stayed inside cleaning and prepping for the arrival of Germans or to Jay and other-Dave who stayed inside and played WoW. I left after about an hour and a half of that, no fair to the people having to stay outside, plus, I had another party to go to.

The rest of Saturday night fun, but a bout of drama overshadowed most of the evening as we hung out with Graham's friends at one of our apartments. Some people got too drunk and started doing silly things. I was worried but then things calmed down a bit, nobody was hurt physically and at one point, miraculously, the drama was over . . . oh yeah, that was when everybody left.