Thursday, June 30, 2005


Global Architecture Encyclopedia If you're an architecture nut like I am, you might find this site amazing. In any case I think everyone would agree that it is nifty!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Chad! Me! Exclaimation! Point!

Chad posted something today that I found most interesting. Not because it contained eath shattering revelations (I don't want to seem like I'm insulting what he had to write, I'm only making an observation.) rather, because for the most part were I to write a confession of sorts to my peers, these would be the sorts of things I would say.

I imagine though, like myself, there are other things that we would never post about. For better or worse, even though we are all great friends, there will always be secrets. And that is understandable. There are some things I would rather not know about people, luckily there is not too much info that I know that I wished I didn't. A very vague line exists to separate the don't discuss and do discuss sorts of things; I would rather someone skirt the line towards telling too much or too little. Communication, its a good thing to have. Chad wrote:

ok... so i'm trying something a touch new. I'm going to confess! i'm going to whine a bit and tell every single dark secret about myself in this little blog for all to read... it's cathartic.

i have poor self esstem.. many of you might beg to differ, but really, i do. i am constanly afraid that i am going to fail and be seen as less of a person, this is why i don't like playing board games, cards, even video games by myself in my own room... what if the computer beats me?

it is also why i keep so many secerts, it is why i am sexually repressed, the only reason i am shy around girls i am the least bit attracted to, why i don't finish anything....

i BELIEVE that my movie will suck... i capatalize believe in a fanatical way, anyone who knows the power of belief will understand... it will be my fault, i wrote it wrong, i believe that i am a poor writer, i ramble, can't seem to get out from under one charecter, i don't expand enough, my writing is not clear enough... all of my creative pursuits, the part of my life that i strive to be best at, will fall, i am useless... i can't do it.

of course anyone who reads my work tells me it's great, how could someone come and tell me otherwise... it's like the special olympics (wow a twenty minute mile! you are a great runner!)

(of course i will never stop doing it)

i have a modest collection of porn... some of it a touch depraved, i like it... it is shamefull... it turns me on... i hide it under the program files in my computer so no one will find it...

i am very consious of what i wear, i always think someone is going to make fun of me for what i am wearing... never got over that from middle school.

i feel that i am not at all physically attractive....

i have nothing to talk about because my thoughts are always consumed with the structure of what is going on, who likes me, who doesn't, who is plotting against me, i need to know these things so i know what to say when subjects come up that i can't handle... its also why i keep people on the defensive as much as i can.

i can't function in normal society, it's because i am afriad that by likeing sports or going dancing, that i will be looked down upon.. besides i wouldn't be good at it anyway.

i am not competitive, it's because i am not good at anything and fear that i will lose and look like an asshole. the moment someone steps in and wants to fight over something... a girl, attention, name it.. i back down... i avoid the failure.

i don't brush my teeth regularly.

i think my lack of hair makes me a freak... and people judge me due to it.


i think i will be alone all my life.. i think all the past girls i have dated were flukes.. i have nothing to offer, why would anyone want to be with me.

i can't take a compliment because i feel i am being patronized, or just plain lied to.

i have an overwhelming feeling that i just don't get it... any of it... and i will flounder for the rest of my pathetic life engaged in foolish quests to be what i never could.

so.. that is all i will give at the moment because i am rather sure this is all pretty boring for most of you... but you feel compelled to keep reading.. like there might be a test at the end... and if you don't pass the test than you obviously don't care.. which, so you think, would make you a bad person...

i really don't need sympathy.. it would make it worse i assure you.. i'm not posting this so my friends will come by and save me... not at all.. i just needed to let everyone in the world know... so that maybe i can get out from under this dragon.. and kill it.

thank you.


Took a quiz today. This one I didn't even study for because I've spent the last week catching up on homework. I'd say of the material covered in the quiz, I've only done ~70% of the homework for related sections. I need to catch up so I'm going to use this weekend to study for the test on Tuesday, catch up on homework (part of studying), and then hopefully, get ahead a bit of class so I can use class to clarify my understanding as opposed to learning it in class.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I hate MySpace

Error Occurred While Processing Request

Error Diagnostic Information

An error occurred while attempting to establish a connection to the service.

The most likely cause of this problem is that the service is not currently running. You can use the 'Services' Control Panel to verify that the service is running and to restart it if necessary.

Windows NT error number 2 occurred.

They'd have some bit more stability if they used *nix, I'd imagine. I mean, look at the stability of . . . its run on linux. I promise.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

xmpp2blogger progress . . . working sorta!

[16:33:49] *** xmpp2blogger is Online
[16:33:56] <jlapenna> REGISTER
[16:33:57] <xmpp2blogger> You've registered to 9309316 as jlapenna
[16:34:03] <jlapenna> GET RECENT
[16:34:04] <xmpp2blogger> 0] NEW YOOOORRRRRKKKKKKK - 2005-06-20T15:13:00-05:00
1] Web Design - 2005-06-12T19:17:00-05:00
2] xmpp2blogger progress - 2005-06-12T18:43:43-05:00
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7] Google Summer of Code - 2005-06-01T11:53:00-05:00
8] THE BURNING HELL. - 2005-05-24T01:16:00-05:00

Monday, June 20, 2005


I am going to New York City on July 1st. Anyone who wants to join me is invited. I don't have any plans yet, but I think the general idea is youth hostels and a long drive there in my '94 Taurus. So far I think I have Joey from work coming along. Again, anyone is invited.

Update: Nope. I'm not. Stupid Calculus test.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Web Design

Heh, one of the things that I get a kick out of is seeing what sites look like without cascading style sheets applied. Mine doesn't look half bad cause I planned it that way. I think that means I'm using style sheets mostly correctly!


xmpp2blogger progress

I just uploaded to arch the newest version of xmpp2blogger, which at the moment only contains and now supports adding, editing, deleting and fetching an entry as well as retrieving the newest 15 entries at

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Travis! (Not the band!)

Travis said:
"Speaking of getting back.... Where does this lead us? Well home prolly. I have expressed my interest in living in Chi Town on more than one occasion. This is something I intend to pursue with even more effort than ever before."
I for one would welcome Travis into our fair state. (Can't say city, I don't live there, or even near it.) I imagine I could probably help him get a job at Google too.

atom test

Tonight I'm going to make an xmpp bot to be used for posting to blogger. The first part is getting the ATOM API to work, which, it seems is working now. In fact, this very post was posted using python and the API!

Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Back in Illinois

I've been back in Illinois for a few days now, enough time to start a new class (Calculus I), yell at one of my best friends for only a partially good reason (Still no reason to yell!) and drive around a lot.

For class I have to wake up at 9am every day, which is a big pain in the rear. Though I usually get up this early, there are those days when I just NEED the extra hour of sleep waking up at 10am provides.

I have a strong feeling that I am not going to have much of a life this summer.

Its nice to know that Google will be paying for my schooling from this point out (as long as I do well in it).

Things are better at work now, we're all getting along, and I haven't been stressing out at all, just kind of going with the flow.

I am fat. I need to be less fat. I am no longer eating french fries or pizza (my two favorite foods aside from Thai which I can't give up due to necessity). I will also be watching what I eat, much like my great weight purge of last year. This time its more about belly size and fat than pounds.

-- -Joe

Thursday, June 2, 2005

Europe Travel

I want to go to Europe, someone I met up here suggested She said it was amazing, and I can't cant find a bad thing about it online. The trips range in time from 3 to 48(!) days long! Because I get three weeks off, I would probably take something in the 20 day range, and hopefully tag it onto a long weekend or something so that I can fit it in. The prices range between $300 to $4000 but you have to provide airfaire to London. From there its a whirlwind tour across the continent. It sounds pretty exciting.

Who wants to go with me?

Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Google Summer of Code

Google is going to be sponsoring students to write open source software this summer, it'd be cool to participate and a cool $4500! Too bad I can't join in!