Saturday, July 16, 2005

I hate myspace

The truth about MySpace pictures

I've recently been able to get myspace to suck less. How? Firefox + Greasemonkey. What is this crazy concoction is this? Well, hopefully you know what firefox is. If so, you might know what extensions are. And once you have that figured out, you will know Grease Monkey is a firefox extension that allows you to load scripts that dynamically modify the contents of the web pages you visit to either add functionality or fix broken sites.

I hope you follow.

  1. Custom Style RemoverI can't find the page, so use the google cache, do a search on the page for MySpace Custom Style Remover As the entry suggests, this will get rid of the god awful profiles people set up on myspace. You'll only have to deal with the standard blue and white style.
  2. Get RSS Feeds of your friends blogs so that you don't have to visit the site to see what they have to write about.
  3. MySpace is MySpace Use this greasemonkey script I generated with Platypus to get rid of the horrible header at the top of your pages.