Wednesday, August 24, 2005

xmpp2blogger running as

I am running a test instance of my script on this server. Don't use it if you are not going to do so at your own risk. The passwords for accounts are not stored on disk so if the script restarts you must reregister.

I am now dealing with a formatting issue related to escaping html entity chars: <:, >, and & . . . I don't have a good idea of which path to take.

(04:02:31) me: ?
(04:02:32) bloggerim: You've reached a bot, I don't know what to do, so I'm going to tell you a few things.
Unrecognized Command! Valid Commands:
"use blog #####" Change which blog you default to using.
"delete entry #####" delete's an entry from your registered blog
"get entry #####" get the details of a particular post.
"get recent" get the titles and ids of the 15 most recent posts.
"get all entries" get the titles and ids of the all your posts.
"register username password blog_id" Use this to register a blogger
  account and blog to your jabber ID. Please note, this password is stored
  unecrypted on the server's disk. People with access to this server have
  access to the password. Only use this bot if you trust me; meaning . . . its
  probably not the best idea.
"unregister #####" Remove your blogger account details from this bot's database.
"get details" Get information about your registered blog, including
  title, id and last modified date.
"post" Post an entry to on your registered blog.To successfully post, you would compose a message with "post entry" online one. The next line is the title, leave it blank for no title. Anymore text in the messsage is considered the body of your post.
"search TERM" search your blog for entries containing your term
(04:08:27) me: register jlapenna password 8675309
(04:08:27) bloggerim: Registering Blog . . .
(04:08:27) bloggerim: You have registered blog #8675309 as jlapenna
(04:08:27) bloggerim: Retrieving Blog Details . . .
(04:08:31) bloggerim: Joe LaPenna's Stuffs
  Don't blame me for reading this.
Last Modified: 2005-07-18T05:00:00Z
Blog ID: 8675309
(04:08:42) me: search XMPP
(04:08:44) bloggerim: Results for XMPP:
XMPP Reading List (111125535275998998)

atom test (111854651847889769)

Things I would like to do. (111009939072894544)

mod_python request objects & caching (111497181797955680)

Too damn busy (112338791560376163)

gaim & jabber (111518882106858954)

Psi (111564453712206139)

The weekend (112468508488472037)

(04:08:50) me: get entry 111854651847889769
(04:08:50) bloggerim: Retrieving Entry . . .
(04:08:51) bloggerim: Title: atom test
Issued: 2005-06-11T22:21:58-05:00

<div>Tonight I'm going to make an xmpp bot to be used for posting to blogger. The first part is getting the
    ATOM API to work, which, it seems is
    working now. In fact, this very post was posted using python and the API!