Friday, September 9, 2005

I need coworkers

I need coworkers. The follwoing was shamefully ripped from the google jobs page. Data Center Technician - Chicago

Temporary positions available at Google through ABE Services. ABE Services

Positions located in Chicago, IL. Google needs your help to build the physical infrastructure behind its powerful search technology. This is an excellent entry level opportunity for individuals who want to become Linux gurus, system administrators, or network engineers. Work on a team with highly motivated, talented individuals like yourself that are striving each day to advance their Linux, networking, and hardware related skills. Responsibilities include:
  • Install new servers as our Linux cluster grows.
  • Help test and troubleshoot new server hardware components and designs.
  • Install switches, routers, and other networking gear.
  • Fix broken servers (replace hard drives, replace bad sticks of RAM, etc.).
  • Configure and troubleshoot Linux OS related issues on our servers.
Position requirements:
  • Minimum of 2 years working with PC hardware.
  • At least one year of Linux experience.
  • Able to lift/move 20-30 lbs equipment on a daily basis.
  • Experience troubleshooting and installing operating systems, networking equipment, and software.
  • AA degree or equivalent experience is required.
  • Must provide own transportation to the job site.
For the Chicago location, please send a text (ASCII) or HTML version of your resume to with the subject line: Data Center Technician - Chicago.

I also need a manger

Hardware Operations Team Manager - Chicago

This position is available in Chicago, IL.

We are looking for a manager to lead a team of datacenter technicians responsible for maintaining our computer and network infrastructure. It is your job to motivate this technical team so that they are efficiently deploying new servers, fixing broken servers, installing new networking infrastructure, etc. At the scale you will be dealing with, there will be many complex processes and technical challenges that you will have to help your team solve. Do not apply for this position unless you have a solid background in Linux system administration, PC hardware, networking, and datacenter infrastructure.


  • Take full responsibility for prioritizing the tasks presented to the group.
  • Be the contact point for the group in all corporate interactions.
  • Manage troubleshooting and incident reports.
  • Work with the full operations group and with Google's strategic planners to help design each new generation of our computing and network architecture.
  • Take responsibility for the implementation of projects for your team, which can involve programming, procurement, deployment, maintenance, troubleshooting, education, and emergency response.
  • BS or BA in a technical field.
  • 4+ years experience with Linux system administration.
  • 3+ years as a manager of system administrators.
  • Solid understanding of PC hardware architecture, maintenance, and repair.
  • 3+ years experience working in datacenters and building out server farm infrastructure.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
For immediate consideration, please send a text (ASCII) or HTML version of your resume to Important: The subject field of your email must include Hardware Operations Team Manager - Chicago.