Thursday, September 15, 2005

Plazes and Jabber

This is not directly related to the api, but it would be most awesome if plazes used the XMPP uri schema as outlined @ JEP-0147 for the "J" "Send Jabber Message" in a user profile, if the user themselves had a jid registered in their profile. Like so:

Scenario 1:
User A: jabber: in their profile
User B: jabber in their profile

if either user looks at the other's profile, the J button will be an xmpp URI.

Scenario 2: User A jabber in their profile
User B no jabber id in their profile

If user B look's at user A's profile the J would be a link as you have it now. If user A looks at user B's profile, then should use the user's assigned JID user@plazes to send the message internally, through the web interface and messages to user A should be routed externally to their client.

I wonder what other plans plazes has in store for jabber interaction? I think it would be amazing if it used JEP-0080 (or JEP-0112) to provide @plazes jid users geolocation presence via xmpp.