Monday, September 5, 2005

There was a game I used to play quite regularly and with great passion. It was great fun for a long time, years in fact and I met most of my friends playing the game. Unfortunatly times changed and the game stopped being fun. Tonight my friends sometimes ask why I don't play it anymore. Tonight I was hanging out with my friends and they were discussing the game. Well, discussing would be a poor word to use for what was actually going on. For many hours I listed to them do nothing but complain about how they spent their weekend.

Why did they keep playing when things were so abysmal? Some of them felt responsiblity but others went to see friends. I can understand the resposiblity aspect to some degree; They signed up to run the game and down want to let people down; but for others I just can't understand why the circus, the zoo, a park, museum, or the beach are not viable solutions for entertainment. All of these are free and some people have lamented not being able to do such things over the summer but have never even made the attempt to try.