Thursday, October 20, 2005

Social Darwinism

My friends Chris and Steve developed a theory called Social Darwinism. Just as in Darwin's Evolutionary survival of the fittest; the theory supposes that over time those people who are not strong enough friends will fall away and that the remainder will be a closely knit batch of true friends. Fallout can occur a number of ways: One is through transformation into a monster, (Screwing multiple friend's girlfriends or multiple friends (note the apostrophe) girlfriends, etc.). Actually, writing this down, it seems that Girls are a pretty quick tool for becoming a monster. Another, through less evil act of fallout is moving more than one hour away from your friends. (Michigan == 30 minutes away, Brookfield == 25 minutes away, Canada ~45 minutes away, Chicago == 3 hours away)

So what happens when an otherwise good friends leaves the state for greener career pastures? How can this person stay in close contact with his friends and how will he prevent himself from becoming a pariah? I think you can stay good friends with someone even if you don't see them every weekend or even every month. It takes effort and if you think your friendship is valuable, that effort becomes a non-issue.