Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Added plazes.com buddies/friends support

I've added support for interacting with a plazes.com buddy list. The buddy list is implemented with a list and friend access via name is accessable by a get method. Each setitem, append or other manipulation of the list causes a remap to occur such that the list doesn't need to be iterated over each time someone access a friend in the list. I'm sitting on a problem though that prevents the buddy list from being sorted in place using any sort of key (friend name or proximity) because I don't know how to repopulate the buddy list object without either destroying all its meta data or iterating through it, popping off all the values than extending() the list again.

An interesting thing though about the terminology for plazes.com's friend/buddy list . . . the rpc call is buddies, the docs reference the list as buddies but individuals in the list are referred to as friends; the same with what's on the website.

I used a nasty cludge of code snippets to make this version work. Its not really useful.