Monday, November 28, 2005

Day 1

3:30am - Nap: sorta sleepy for about 30 minutes before, refreshed after

8:00am - Nap: nearly asleep for about 20 minutes before, showered after so I don't know if it was the sleep or the water.

10am - Red Bull: I cheated . . . Rash decision

12:30pm - Nap Time: Red bull has me awake, physically; I still feel groggy . . . oops! I'm going to lay my head down for 25 minutes. I also have a headache. I have felt kind of groggy since my last nap but not nearly as bad as I would be on zero hours sleep. Additionally, I am having more problems than usual focusing. We will be leaving for lunch at 1pm I slept through four minutes of William Shatner; I must be more careful about oversleeping. From reports I've read; oversleeping is a common reason for stopping. I can't oversleep lest I a) lose the benefit of less sleep, and b) miss important awake things.

4:30pm - At the (loud!) datacenter, spacy on the drive here, kind of like when you're driving and super tired you sometimes don't concentrate enough on the road and then crash? Well its not nearly as bad but it feels like that.

5:00pm - Woke up to my cell phone telling me I was done sleeping. I actually felt nautious waking up which persisted for about 10 minutes. I feel about the same as I did before the nap. I don't recall any dreams in my sleep.

9:00pm - Previous to this nap I was pretty excited about working on my car, so when I went "to sleep" I didn't fall asleep until right after 9:16pm (i cheated and opened my eyes to see the time) I did manage to fall asleep though and awoke started to my cell phone's alarm.

9:30pm - I feel pretty rested to the extent that I don't think I needed to take that nap.

12:24pm - I am getting tired and now I have a headache. Nap time in one hour; having trouble focusing again.

In summation, I think I was far less exhausted than I expected to be, but if my condition stays as it is now, I will not be keeping this system for too long. I have headaches, I feel warn out all the time and I'm usually sleepy. I am going to give it a couple weeks though.