Monday, November 28, 2005


Josh, Candi, Joe and I drove to Toronto (Joe only to Lansing) on Friday and retureturned today. The trip was exciting and quite a bit of fun. Thanks to Shelia for the hospitality and fun times. Thanks to Greg as well for joining me at my first Rave and thanks to Ben and Bonnie for the invite.

Talking with Shelia I've decided to make one big life change. I'm going to attempt to start a Polyphasic Sleep Cycle. Ultimately I think it will fail, but this is worth a shot. It seems to have worked for some people and unlike most, I have job that would accomidate the changes in sleep behavior. Coupled with a hoodie to cover my eyes I expect to have little difficulty getting my naps.

The idea behind Polyphasic Sleep is that you force your body to go immediatly to REM for ~25 minutes every four hours. I guess this is what Kramer did in an epsidoe of Seinfield. I hadn't known that before I learned about this.

My first of (hopefully) many naps occured at 11pm on the drive home. I didn't sleep as I was not tired, but didn't open my eyes for 25 minutes. The time is now 5:23am, my next nap will commence in two hours and 37 minutes. I feel awak right now but was nearly falling asleep at 3:30am when I took my second nap.

I was thinking we might do this again in December, but then again I don't want my warrenty to expire with in a year of getting my car. That would be bad news.