Friday, December 30, 2005

Google Search History Bookmarklet WIP

Francisco and I discovered tonight that Google's "My Search History" changed its bookmarking url. It now requires a special and unique id appended to the url as s=YOURUNIQUEIDHERE. This in turn has made figuring out a generic bookmarklet quite difficult. The fruits of our labor is as such:
      var mykey = "YOURKEYHERE";
      var orig = document.location.href;
      var loc = encodeURIComponent(document.location.href);
      var title = encodeURIComponent(document.title);
      var zx = Math.floor(Math.random()*100000);
      var url = "";
      var url = url + "zx=" + zx + "&s=" + mykey + "&q=" + loc + "&title=" + title;
      var w = open(url,' ','height=450,width=450,scrollbars=1,resizeable=yes');
      w.onload = function(){w.document.location.href='';}()

What does all this gobbly gook mean? If select "Create New Bookmark" in firefox, and then then in the location paste the above code, replacing YOURUNIQUEIDHERE with the contents of the third argument of the _mark() function calls in the source of you can "easily" star websites and keep them forever in your google account.

It works better now, the popped open window displays msh

Monday, December 26, 2005

Google Personalized Module

Outline Feed Module

I just created my first Google Personalized Homepage Module using their provided API. It is a module for Google Reader that provides a listing of your feeds right on your personalized homepage. It uses Google's own ajaxslt to do the transformation from feed to html document.

I got a lot of help from a number of online resources including:

  1. Apple's Dynamic HTML and XML: The XMLHttpRequestObject
  2. Google's Guide to the Homepage API
  3. Erik A. Hanson's How To Use Googles Ajaxslt Library

Saturday, December 24, 2005

New Year's Eve 2006: Shindig!

Good Party times at my house on New Year's Eve.

Booze and beer provided. Keg stands, beer pong, circle of death, (live . . . maybe?) music . . . what more could you ask for in a New Year's Party?

Standard rules apply: Feel free to invite anyone you want. Lots of place to sleep.

Facebook Event Page
MySpace Event Page

Monday, December 5, 2005

Toronto Trip Map

Who ever said it was easy to make a Google Maps mashup was totally correct. Its cake! On our trip to Toronto, I took geocoded snapshots along the way using a web cam. The end result is my Toronto Trip Google Map

The code I use to generate the map is in my arch repository and in my snapshots. I used a python script to generate the XML. I do plan on making it more generic so that I can do this for more trips, all automated like.

As mentioned at Google Maps Mania

Sunday, December 4, 2005

ARG! (Not arr) pyxmpp!

A few months ago when I was working on xmpp2blogger I switched from using xmpppy to pyxmpp because of lack of support for google talk. Now it seems things are switched around because I cannot for the life of me connect to servers using pyxmpp. I have floated between hash errors, connection errors, hangs, Empty document errors and general versioning hell to be not anywhere closer to connecting than I was when I started trying to update xmpp2blogger at 11am today.

Thursday, December 1, 2005

MINI Toronto trip Computery Goodness

This Time

while $(/bin/true); do
  timestamp=`date +%y%m%d_%k%M`
  lat_long=`echo "p"|netcat -q 1 localhost 2947|sed 's/GPSD,P=//g'|sed 's/ /_/g'`
  echo $filename
  gqcam -t JPEG -s -d /home/jlapenna/trip/photos/$filename -v /dev/video0
  sleep 60

to snap a photo every minute and name it $timestamp$latitude$longitude.jpg in a directory of my choosing. I started gpsd using:

gpsd /dev/ttyUSB0

but that does not work on a consistent basis.

To get maps as appropriate, I created three waypoints corresponding to the prime locations we were going to be around in this short trip, chicago, IL; toronto, ON and lansing, MI. I then ran: -w WAYPOINT -sc "5000,15000,30000,50000,200000,500000,3000000" -a 5 --mapserver expedia -u miles -p

replacing WAYPOINT with home (chicago), toronto or lansing

Turns out something fishy happened with the lansing maps so they weren't accurate.

Next time

For next time I will investiage gpsdrive replacements, up to and including the possiblity of running WINE/VMware and a windows application. There are no good choices that I know of for navigation on linux.