Thursday, December 1, 2005

MINI Toronto trip Computery Goodness

This Time

while $(/bin/true); do
  timestamp=`date +%y%m%d_%k%M`
  lat_long=`echo "p"|netcat -q 1 localhost 2947|sed 's/GPSD,P=//g'|sed 's/ /_/g'`
  echo $filename
  gqcam -t JPEG -s -d /home/jlapenna/trip/photos/$filename -v /dev/video0
  sleep 60

to snap a photo every minute and name it $timestamp$latitude$longitude.jpg in a directory of my choosing. I started gpsd using:

gpsd /dev/ttyUSB0

but that does not work on a consistent basis.

To get maps as appropriate, I created three waypoints corresponding to the prime locations we were going to be around in this short trip, chicago, IL; toronto, ON and lansing, MI. I then ran: -w WAYPOINT -sc "5000,15000,30000,50000,200000,500000,3000000" -a 5 --mapserver expedia -u miles -p

replacing WAYPOINT with home (chicago), toronto or lansing

Turns out something fishy happened with the lansing maps so they weren't accurate.

Next time

For next time I will investiage gpsdrive replacements, up to and including the possiblity of running WINE/VMware and a windows application. There are no good choices that I know of for navigation on linux.