Monday, January 16, 2006

DVI working!

So using fglrx and selecting the mirror config from fglrx-config I was able to get my computer working with my DVI monitor such that I can unhook my laptop from the port replicator and dynamically readjust my resolution from 1600x1200 to the laptop display's 1400x1050 size. Initially I had to manually change resolutions by executing xrandr and FvwmCommand from a terminal. Now I've gotten it down to a small script. Yay for learning awk and sed . . .

lcd=`xrandr|awk '/1400 x 1050/ {print $1}'|sed 's/*//'`
dvi=`xrandr|awk '/1600 x 1200/ {print $1}'|sed 's/*//'`

res=`xrandr|awk '/*/ {print $2 "x" $4}'`

if [[ $res = '1600x1200' ]]; then
  xrandr -s $lcd
  FvwmCommand 'Restart'
  xrandr -s $dvi
  FvwmCommand 'Restart'

I would eventually like to have udev/hotplug/whatever thinger automatically detect when the monitor is connected and switch resolutions right then and there.

I would also like to make it so that I don't have to use the X11 output driver for media so that I can watch movies on the external display.

In other news, I enabled the experimental features of ibm-acpi so that I can use fanctrld