Saturday, February 18, 2006

Big metal thing in the sky.

The plane I'm on is huge. Its about a million rows long, and 10,000 seats wide. It can carry 1 trillion tons and flys at a speed of about ninety-milion miles an hour, for the canadians among us thats like 120 kph, like the speed limit. I can't take a picture of it because it won't fit into the frame.

I'm two hours early for boarding, like I always try to be; but I'm also running on two hours sleep. I used my passport for the first time and the ticket attendant laughed at me becuase I first handed her my license: "You're traveling internationally, you need a passport. haha."

I have three bottles of water in my bag. I feel sorry for the people between me and the aisle. I have two books with me as well; Freakonomics and The World is flat. I started Freakonomics on the way to San Francisco and I do plan on writing a bit about it once I finish. I have one plan for the flight: Sleep.

I feel like I'm going to lose my valuable air-flight-can't-be-interrupted-by-anything-but-death time because I'll be sleeping; disappointing indeed but I have a weekend ahead of me where I'm sure I'm going to have a hard time sleeping. Ever try flipping your sleeping schedule a full 180 degrees?

Boarding begins in 30 minutes. Yippie!

Oh. Wait a second . . . Do they have different power sockets in Taiwan? I brought my favorite gadgets (camera, nokia 770, celly) but will I be able to charge them? And(!) I am not paying tmobile any money to use their bad bad wireless access points at SFO. . . unless its less than $5 . . . which its not. Its $10 dollars. So now you get to read this only after I get to Taiwan and find internet access, aka my life blood.