Friday, February 3, 2006

Nokia 770

I just picked up the Nokia 770 from on Friday and I've been playing with it all weekend long. Its quite the device. With a 200Mhz processor and 128MB onboard shared memory. The software included provides an Opera based web browser, feed reader, email client, audio player, video player, pdf reader and some more.


  1. 770 Software
  2. Application Catalogue
  3. Maemo Planet


I backup using's Synchronization Makefile. This is pretty simple . . . Quite Amazing.

Things to do

  1. Get a Bluetooth GPS reciever and wham, instant navigation device. I have this running on my server so now I have my lastfm streams in my Audio Player favorites.

Things I've done

  1. Got root
  2. Enabled 24M of swap space: Just create a standard init script for it. and link to it from /etc/rc2.d
  3. Installed tons of stuff
  4. Stream music from lastfm using the proxy.
  5. SSH'd into it and ran dpkg to install vim.
  6. Bricked my device, requiring that I reflash it.