Friday, March 24, 2006


Stepping out of the Train Station I was a bit disoriented. I exited the station at the wrong side, but luckily it was quite a boon. A quick walk away and I was at Meiji Jingu. I was impressed by the duality of this area. In front of me was a Torii (the giant gate thing) and behind me was a bustling city.

Up a long and windy stone paved path with some interesting pit stops . . .

I arrived at a beautiful sight.

I even got someone to take a picture of me there:

It started raining so I headed out but not before I got to see a clensing water thinger. You're supposed to wash your hands, and take a sip of the water to clense your body and spirit before entering the shrine. I exited the shrine park area and was quite lost. The next hour I spent walking around in a light drizzle but managed to find my way back to the train station, but not before walking past this shop:

It was getting late and I was getting tired so I headed back to the hotel. To get from the train station to the street where the hotel is, you have to go over a pedestrian bridge, which gave me quite the view of the city.

I took a quick shower to rejuvinate myself and headed into Shibuya, the big shopping district commercial district in Tokyo. (Ginza is more expensive and sheek, I didn't go there, except by accident . . .)

I ended up going back to Harajuku on Sunday and saw some /interesting/ sights . . . I'll get to that story eventually . . .