Saturday, March 4, 2006

Chocolate from strangers

Today we visited a dam, ate fake meat, walked around a rural town and made friends with a trio of children and then walked around a nearby city. It was good times and I'm exhausted. I've added more photos to the gallery. As you can see this past week we went to McDonalds, got confused by Anti-Terrorist speakers, and did LOTS of walking.

These were the kids we made friends with. They were so cute. They'd walk just out of talking range and watch us and we traveled their little town-ish area. Then, when we were on our way back they came closer and quite bashfully offered us a gift of a chocolate bar!

Sometime when I go back there again (I will, it was quite nice there) I'll bring something for them and see if I can find them, I think we saw where they lived.