Monday, March 20, 2006

I wonder where it was I ended up Friday night. . . I think this is the place:, "Tokyo's wildest nightlife and red-light district"

With Friday night spent, I awoke tired around 9am Saturday morning. I started the day off with a shower. Its pretty cool how the mirror in the bathroom has a built in heater so that it doesn't entirely fog up when you use the shower.

Then came the photography.

The shots you see from way up high, of the Tokyo skyline? That was the view from my room. I have to find some linux software that will help me create a panorama of the pics I took.

Before I started on my I wanted to wake up a bit so I took a walk and saw these high powered scooters ready and waiting for a customer to order some pizza.

Being the geek that I am, I first headed to, the tech/geek mega center of Tokyo.

What to my wondering eye do I see as soon as I exit the station? Why a crazy j-pop concert going on, complete with 20 and 30-somethings dancing along, complete with hand motions to a girl looking to be 14.

That was quite a hoot. Moving past that I scouted out the area. For those of you who have been to Nova in Jhongli: Take Nova, double it, then copy it 20 times over and place the buildings one next to another. For those of you without the NOVA experience . . . First: Imagine an eight story building, each floor hosing numerous tech stores that stock everything from cameras to computers to voltage meters to mouse pads with boobs. Now. Take that building and well lay variatious of it out across a 10 square block area. After this, scale outwards, as you exit the main area, the only thing that changes is the buildings get smaller and smaller. Oh yah, if you're very sensitive to porn, don't go to the basement of any of these buildings. Japan while having a very conservative exterior looks to be a voracious center for pent up sexual exitement.

I tried to take a photo with a ninja, but he just wouldn't have it.

But the Eva's did allow me the opportunity for a photo:

Next stop on the tour (I didn't really follow any order, just used it as a basis for where to go) was . .