Wednesday, April 26, 2006

How to attend a show in Taiwan.

  1. Notice a large crowd, at least 1000 people standing in a line waiting to enter a building. Hear the loud noise eminating from inside.
  2. Approach said commotion with curiousity and confusion.
  3. Find yourself in the VIP section of the show, drink free beer.
  4. Take good pictures.

As Saturday evening was ending early due to an exiting Friday night and Andy, Ray, Maarten and myself were heading to our car near Taipei 101. Despite our lack of energy when we heard the loud bassline eminating from a building nearby we approached. In front of us were at least 1000 people in line trying to get into what seemed to be a big concert.

Being confused Americans we approached the event trying to figure out more. It turns out that the famous MC Hotdog was playing a show. There was no way to get inside to check it out . . . or was there?

We stood around outside for a few minutes trying to figure out what we could do to get in and came up with a solid plan: Look confused and try and go in the front door.

That didn't work.

We stood there a few more minutes and as we were about to leave one of the prettiest girls I've ever seen in Taiwan asked us if we wanted to get into the show. Stunned we all stammered a resounding "yes." She grabbed Andy by the wrist, I followed and we were in the front doors. The bounces though rejected Ray and Maarten. That would simply not do.

We stood inside for a minute and tried to figure out a way to get them back in. We couldn't just leave them there so we decided to leave, and see if we could get wristbands to get back inside. When we went to the banding booth, Ray and Maaren came up from behind the attendant and we told the attendant that they were with us and had just exited the show too. As a result, they needed bands too. The four of us, now equipted with bands walked up the the first door we tried to enter. After waiting a few minutes we were admited into a swarm of people; Asians as far as the eye could see! We were now inside the show, it was nice, but well with the luck we'd already been having it was time to infiltrate the VIP area.

Again we huddled, again we made a daring plan. Andy would squeeze between the barrier's bars and would try to pull us into the vip area via the door trying the oh so typical "they're with me approach."

Andy didn't fit. New plan. Break in. Rip the barier apart and enter. I first scouted the area looking for a set of weak links in the barrier and upon finding one I queued the guys to follow me.

The gates being well stuck together budged but not enough in my first attempts. It was the person standing to my left that was causing the lack of movement. I tapped him on the shoulder and did my best to communicate using grunts, hand gestures and eye movement. Luckily the guy understood dumb american speak and knew what I meant.

Lift, pull, sneak. . . FREEDOM!

We were in and security was fast approaching. Luckily we had evaded detection and although there was a guard standing there until the end of the night, we were in the VIP area at a show that until 30 minutes prior didn't even know existed. Girls were dancing on bars, people were dancing and there was free beer.

Not bad for a band of Crazy HWOps-Ren walking around Taipei.

Pictures coming soon!