Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I've added a number of things to my website. As you can see on the right hand column, there is a variety of little modules to let you know a bit more about my current state.

The first module is "Looky," which should be the newest image added to my blog from my cell phone camera. Everybody is doing it, I had to too.

The second thing you'll see is Music, if I've been listening to music at all recently, these are the songs I've heard. If you see a little speaker icon next to the song, you can probably listen to it if you click on it.

The third, reading, is a list of blog entries that I'm currently or just about to read, or that I'm keeping a list of for future reference. Click on an entry to read what I'm reading.

Fourth, Location is a not-live Google Map pinpointing my exact location on the globe. Clicking on it will take you to http://joelapenna.com/whereami.html a page with at the moment, simply a bigger version of that map. It will contain cooler things in the near future.

Last, I have a Links module. These are blog entries I've tagged as something you might be interested in looking at that I have run across already.