Thursday, April 6, 2006

Sunday - Tsujuki

I awoke refreshed Sunday morning hungry for some Sushi. Following the suggestion of wikitravel, I made my way to Tsujuki. It probably wasn't the best day for me to go there; afterall the Fish market is closed on Sunday; thus the best sushi places were closed. Nevertheless my trip to this region of Tokyo was not disappointing.

I think that this palette was trying to say something about NZ.

After emerging from the subway I turned left; there was a sign which told me the Hama-rikyu Gardens. A long time ago, this was the personal gardens of 17th Century shoguns, sitting right near Tokyo Bay. This garden, like the shrine in Harijuku was quite an interesting contrast of modern versus historic. As you cross a bridge to enter the gardens skyscrapers stand tall over the tree line.

Even inside the garden, you see the buildings peaking from every angle.

But even with the surrounding modern buildings, the first part of the garden was serene and the 400 year old pine tree I saw was quite a competetor for the area's-coolest-big-thing award.

I would suggest going to this garden when its a little closer to summer, I could only imagine the beauty that this big field would have with the right amount of sun.

If you didn't already know, I like buildings. I can appreciate a cool bridge when I see one, in this part there were a few. One of which was the Tokyo Bay bridge:

But, if you turned around, there was another pedestrian bridge crossing the little salt water pond that flowed through parts of the garden.

The destination of one bridge was a little teahouse, where you could pay a small fee and get a cup of tea and a small piece of a cake or something. Still excited over the prospect of sushi and fearing making a fool of myself by not knowing proper ettiquite, I skipped this event.


Sometimes, when you looked at the right place, the modern world just disappeared.

I found this site interesting, it is a "Duck Mound," a shrine to show respect for all the souls of dead ducks, lost in the creation and subsequent use of the gardens. If you turn around though, you'll see the duck hunting field. Quite Ironic.

It was time to leave at this point, having seen most of what was avaiable in the gardens.

I left the garden and began walking. 45 minutes, I found Sushi:

It was heaven. I was pleased. Afterwards I did more walking around, stopping in a store for some shopping. (Some of you are getting gifts from there) I also walked past this building it looked old, and pretty cool so I took a picture. There was another guy trying to take a photo too. He also almost got hit by a car.

Shortly after this picture was taken I was assaulted by a 12 foot talk blue and white inflateable beer can. I did not get a picture of the perpetrator, I was simply too stunned to think about it. Needless to say, it was quite windy.

Some people will celebrate St. Pat's day even in Tokyo.

And some people will dress in wierd costumes and stand on the street corner.

And other people will dance to some happenin rockabilly:

I watched the rockers for a little bit, it was quite a trip and probably the highlight of my day. I continued to walk around the park that was near by and saw a number of street performers. Some were good, some were bad. One I even bought a cd from: the band had horns, I'm a sucker for the brass. I also saw a band of teenagers covering the Rolling Stones. The lead singer was doing a good Mic Jagger imitation and they didn't sound half bad. There was also a young girls dancing troupe. It kind of reminded me of the scene from Donnie Darko where his younger sister peforms a dance to a Pet Shop Boys hit.

There was also a crazy man spinning CDs on a portable turntable and doing paitings while dancing a little bit. Fun to watch.

It was pretty windy and kind of cold at this point, I bet if I went there with nicer weather the place would have been packed! On the way back out of the park, there was a fight! It looked like one of the rockabilly folk got into a tusle with a man wearing a cape and a tiger mask. No, i'm not kidding. A man with giant hair attacked a man wearing a tiger mask in the middle of a downtown park in city of 12 million people. A FONZ LOOKALIKE ATTACKED A MAN IN A CAPE. weird.

After this fiasco, it was time to do some shopping. I wanted to buy a hat. I started wandering and found myself in a sea of people, including spiderman.

I walked and walked and found a hat. I bought the hat, and I am glad I have th ehat. But this didn't stop me from going back to the hotel for a spell before heading out to Odaiba.

Disappointing to say, but my Sunday evening ended on a not so exciting note. Odaiaba was neat looking, but was void of people. It was pretty chilly, and VERY windy so I can understand why. I did get a picture of the statue of liberty though.