Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Hong Kong

It had been 30 days and my time was up in Taiwan. Time to head someplace new: Hong Kong. The trip was planned by one of my coworkers, Ray who along with Bill and Abe; accompanied me to the land of good Dim Sum, bad night life (well, the kind that we found) and sore feet. And some other things.

If you go to Hong Kong, it does not matter how many people you have. I would suggest that you do not under any circumstances take a taxi cab to your hostel. It costs about 90 USD and takes ninety-seven years.

We stayed on Hong Kong Island in Causeway Bay at Hong Kong Hostel. Our four bed room actually consisted of three beds and a cot so that was unfortunate. Luckily people were drunk enough that sleeping on it was not a problem.

When we got to the hostel, the attendant asked us if there was anything we were interested in doing that night. He suggested some area points randomly over there where we could watch Football. None of us were entirely excited about that prospect and one of us exclaimed that that was true. Instead, he asked the attendant if he knew of any places for dancing, "you know, girls music..." Now in most circumstances we're accustomed that could probably be a good description of a club. I don't think this is what the attendant interpreted our compatratiot's decription to mean and unbeknownnst to us we were soon on our way to (as per the corse when I'm traveling) the red light district.

When we arrived it was all too apaprent to us where we had found ourselves. We dropped into the most reputable bar we could find and started asking poeple and were directed to Wan Chan (XXX).

This place was pretty cool. Take a full city block, all four sides and have sit on a hill so that each side seems to sink lower and lower towards the bottom. We spent the majority of our time in a "Braziilian" place where I sucked down a few pretty decent mohjito.

Then it was decided that "we" were done with that place and it was time to find a club. When we found a place as per the usual people were apprehensive about going in. When I decided to break the "should we, we shouldn't" debate I approached the entryway and enter but I was far too uncool for them. In any case most of us (me at the peopel, others at the lack of dance clubs.) were ready to call quits on the evening.


I woke up around 9am and spent the next few hours trying to get myself a VISA for mainland China so that when I go I'll be able to get in without worry. This didn't happen because I didn't have the right documentation although I did get to see 4 different China Travel Services offices.

I spent the rest of the pre-lunch-after-failed-visa-attempt time walking around without aim. My feet weren't even hurting yet at this point.

to be continued . . .