Thursday, August 24, 2006

Google Shuttle!

In an effort to experience San Francisco, I took the Google shuttle today. The ride is very bumpy and combined with an already upset stomach the ride was not that pleasant. Otherwise though, the interior of this bus is nicer than the interior of any car I've been in. Plush leather chairs, granity (looks like) tables. Hotness.

nice room

Very nice room. Fancy. Like the kind you'd take to spend a weekend at. Old. Its better than a Sheraton.

The Hotel Majestic

On gmaps

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Things to know when returning to America

These are some things you should know when returning to America after a three month break.
  1. Don't stay in Taiwan an extra day. As cool as it might be . . . Don't. I had no choice, otherwise flights would have been twice as expensive, but the stipulation that I cannot enter Taiwan without a real VISA is a pain. Good thing thats the reason I came back to the States (to get a visa that is).
  2. Don't buy tea with the intent to drink it at the gate before boarding the airplane. They make you throw it out before you're even near the gate.
  3. If you go to bed early the night before, try and wake up early. In this case, I woke up at 4am. My goal is to be tired by the time I get on the NRT->LAX leg of my trip.
  4. Pack multiple laptop batteries. Makes mouths happy.
  5. Mmmm.... Smoked Ham & Mozz w/ pesto sandwich.
  6. Thanks for the carry on Andy + Sarah!
  7. Who doesn't get jet lag? This guy! Who didn't kill himself the night before the flight so he didn't get jet lag? This guy!
  8. Going to see a show Sunday night. Interested in going?
  9. When your final destination involves three forms of public transportation, find a different way. You may end up staying at the bus station for 2 hours.
  10. The Mt. View CalTrain shuttle is not a shuttle. It is a large bus. It goes in the bus lane not in the shuttle lane. Caution the sign is small (10 inches tall by 30 inches wide.) so its hard to miss . . .

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

m'fin wifi on a m'fin plane

Wouldn't that be grand?

July has 31 days

For those of you who travel on exempt visa status, this is good to know. I was kicked out of Taiwan today. I can only go back if I get a visa. I was kicked out of Taiwan . . . how funny is that!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

2 O's of a well rounded breakfast


I'm not sure why but the past two weeks I've felt pretty burned out. At work i get bored, at home all i want to do is sleep. I cant wait untill i come home next week. Its hard to believe the summer is over already; I miss my family and friends in Illinois.

I haven't done much programming as of late and even at work i struggle to concentrate; this is especially bad because im heading to Mountain View to work on a big project and thy to transfer teams.

On another note, I just finished reading Cryptonomicon again and I think as a result im going to go to manilla next month for a weekend. I picked up On Intelligence again and will finish it this weekend. Then when i get to the states i have a $150 amazon books order waiting at my doorstop. On the plane home i think i'm going to "sprint" a project and see if i can get a demo together for one of my project ideas.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Google just released Music Trends, so if you use GTalk, you can set it to track the music you listen to and then see the results on Search History. Of course this is no where near as cool as, but I'm sure that soon enough it will have enough data to compete statistics wise with . . . a bad thing: is one of those services that I think is quite amazing.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Social Networking site with an API!

Considering the only social networking site I've found the least bit usable is facebook it comes as no suprize that they've released an API for their site. I haven't taken a look, but I'm excited at the prospect of integrating facebook presence into my expanding realm of really-easy-to-get-in-contact-with Joe tactics I've been trying to implement. More news at 10!
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Hi... I can blog on the road now.

Saturday, August 12, 2006


Molly: haha
youre actually in the jungle with an internet connection made from tin cans and string
me: No, i needed full duplex connectivity, so I ran 2 strings. ... The connectivity here blows.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Google Talk Shared Status

One of the more interesting but unknown features of Google Talk is "Shared Status." This allows multiple signons to have the same status message, so if you're logged in at home and at work both of your sign-ons can say "Hey! look at me." An added bonus though, is that if you set one of your clients to "Listening to Sinatra!." all of your clients will change.

The result of which is the ability to automatically change the status message of your normal signin with some automagical pythony goodness.

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

I'm a fat ass

Its true. Excercise needs to be in my future. Taunt me please.

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

MySpace Ninja

Someone registered one of my email addresses with MySpace yesterday. I deleted the account. They re-registered.

With access to the site, what do you think I should do to it? I was thinking of just modifying their profile to say silly things.

I can also put up incrimeninating photos of them dressed up as pirates (they registered an email address with ninja in it.)

I am going to think of something funny. Oh oh! I got it. Hundreds of google video videos. Thats it. I'll get right on that.

The Guy