Friday, September 29, 2006

I'm moving to California.

So what does this mean?
  1. I will rapidly use up the 50k frequent flier miles I've racked up on these crazy trips to Taiwan.
  2. I will be living in a box in a city. I am hoping for a refrigerator size box and am looking at spending only around $2500 a month. Hopefully my loan request will be accepted so that I can afford the double layer cardboard boxes. If you know anyone in San Francisco who is looking for a box roommate, let me know; I'm interested. Said location needs to have a fast Internet connection. Preferably 15mb/s
  3. I'm going to be driving across the country in my car. I'm going to need some help. I'll cover: food, fun, drink, fun and sleeping and a flight home. My Dad already volunteered though. I'm thinking I'll need another two people if my moving doesn't sync up right with another Googler's (Francisco) move.
  4. I've never lived in my own place before. I will have to do my own cooking. This sounds like disaster.
  5. San Francisco has terrible weather. If you come visit bring pants and jackets, not just shorts and t-shirts.
  6. I'm moving in late November. Sorry its so sudden, I've only been talking about moving for two years.
  7. I will be selling/giving away things. Yay!
  8. Tech support from cali is almost as difficult as tech support from Taiwan.
  9. I will have more things to say later.