Sunday, October 29, 2006

On Bangkok

I spent a weekend in Bangkok recently. I stayed at The Lebua in the State Tower. Pretty nice place and awfully cheap. I would have to say the weekend was marred by the people we ran into in the city. To me it felt like everyone was out for a scam. There were few legitimate people I ran into and a large number of people trying to scam. It seems that people have been so abused there that instead of trying to earn a living honestly and with good work that they have to connive. I'm sure at some point the earnest hardworking people in Bangkok died off when tourists and a poor economy failed to give them the pay they deserved.

On the other hand, the food in Thailand was excellent. Though I was surprized. I will admit we used "The Good Book," (A Lonely Planet guide). The places we ate at ranged from pretty good to amazing but there was nothing aside fromm some gianormous prawns that I haven't had in the US. Some would say it is because I went to touristy places but it was simliar in Taiwan.