Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bye Bye Chicago

This was written about 2 weeks ago on my return from Taiwan.

I'm on an airplane between SFO and ORD. I'm on 500mg of Vicodin because I sprained my ankle the night before last attempting to rock climb. I'm not listening to music right now because my iPod was swiped off my desk the same night I decided it was a good idea to try to climb up a wall. My attempt to upgrade to Business class failed. I lost my drivers license (then found it.) I lost my wallet (then found it.) All the halloween parties I had chances to go to are no longer valid because I can't drive into the City and I had to leave SF. My friends are busy all weekend long and a couple members of my family are seriously il. All in all this has been a poor couple of days. My car insurance isn't active so I shouldn't drive until Monday.

I guess I can't complain much more than that though. I just spent eight months in asia, I have only 2.5 pages left in my passport I've gone so many places. Japan, Taiwan, China (well, Hong Kong) and the US (it still counts!). I got a promotion and the transfer I've been dreaming about for two years. I (might) have found a great place to live in a pretty cool neighborhod in SF. In the past couple of months I've made some new friends who are pretty cool and I gained back one friend who I thought for sure hated me. I am going to have the chance to drive across the country (maybe) next week with some cool people too.

For me things are going amazingly well (sore ankle and stolen iPod aside). Unfortunatly the rest of my family is not doing so well. I don't really know how to deal with some of the things that are going on and some of the problems I wish would just finish: whether a good or bad outcome, knowing would have a large weight lifted off of a bunch of people's shoulders and would provide me with the capacity to be of some use.

In two weeks I'll be going to an Rx Bandits show that I'm super excited about but moving around at the show will probably be a pain (literally) -- its a fest with multiple stages.

Eight months in Taiwan has felt both like an instant and an eternity. It wasn't until I made my last trip to the US that I realized how much things were changing in the time I was away and made me realize how much I needed to get back on the same side of the planet as my friends and family. On the other hand, I scarely realize that i was in Taiwan for so long. Sometimes I think back to a couple of months ago and realize that I'm thinking of the end of 2005 and not summer 2006. Its a pretty odd experience trying to trace together a timeline everytime you have to jog your memory back to figure something out.

I'm still a fat ass. I tried to get off on the right foot in SF by eating reasonably (despite amazing food at corp) and by trying to get some excersize. Unfortuantly I fell on the foot and it is no longer right. Well, I guess it should be usable in a couple weeks and the daily mile walk to the shuttle stop should do well for my big fat belly.

Its going to be tough moving across the country but with intant communications available and sleeping schedules not totally reversed I'll be better able to stay in contact with people. Plus, everyone wants to visit California someday, I'm an excuse to get there.