Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bye Bye Chicago Part 2

I need to send out an apology . . . well not so much that as an explaination. First off, I'm happy to have been away for 8 months. I'm even happier that I'm moving away for a long time. I don't regret the former and expect to continue to be happy about the latter in a couple of year's time. I haven't kept in contact with people because I've been busy and a 12 hour time mismatch makes it difficult -- I'm lazy. There is another reason. I don't like talking on the phone all that much. I guess except when there is nothing else to do. So what I do is I send emails. People don't respond to them. Even people I would have expected to I get no reply or something filled with so little content that continuing a conversation is impossible. I guess it's my just reward since I should call people who abhore writing as much as I dislike chitchatting. I have to give special props to my dad who is as far from an acidemic as you could imagine and a technophobe to boot but who has regularly written me over the past eight months. Maybe being in California instead of Taiwan will make IM more viable and I can talk to some people I have been negligent in contacting. l can't say I will miss a whole lot when I move to california i I can say that there is not much I will miss when I leave Chicagoland for good -- As long its taken into account that I have friends who I keep in contact with who live an 11 hour drive away. A four hour flight is almost 1/3rd that time. I will always have my friends and family. I guess that can be a speculative statement afterall who says anyone will like me when I turn into a Californian. I think that my friends enjoy my company as much as I value theirs. I don't mean that in a pompus sort of way, simply that my idea of a friendship is a fully recirpocal one and I think we're all doing our part.