Thursday, November 16, 2006

Good Job

A good friend of mine is graduating in December and he's the first of my group ofriends to do so. Funny that he's 2 year younger than I am and two years ahead of me in school. Smart kid, let me tell you.

Another of my good friends is finally getting his life in order. Soon he'll figure out what he wants to do with his life. Working and school is tough and you have to balance what you can tolerate quite precariously. Spend the wrong amount of time in one or the other and both will suffer. Even if the ratio tends towards work thats okay because at least you're making progress. Congrats.

Some kids want to be astronauts or ninjas or doctors when they grow up. For as long as I've known this guy he's wanted to make games and he is finally doing it. Its great to see him legitmately happy about something and not just ranting and raving as people expect of him.

I have to give accolates to my brother though I've spoken to him so little as of late. He's getting had is act together for a while now (well better than in the past) and he's been a far better son to my Mom and Dad than I have in recent memory.

Props go to my little sister for going through high school with out a problem I can see.

My Mom is pretty awesome too -- She's gotten through cancer which though is something a whole lot of people have faced it is still a challenge.

My Dad's been hit by his share of problems lately and it seems that he's really good about keeping up his spirits and keeping focus on what he really cares about.

A hearty well done to everyone I know . . . we all face problems day to day and the fact that we're still around means that we're winning.