Saturday, November 11, 2006


There is a very good reason you'll be seeing me on Google Talk more often than I've been on in the past 9 months. I finished my assignment in Taiwan.

About one week ago Josh and I started an adventure that has now completed its first week. We drove across the country to move me to San Francisco. Its finally happened. I now live on thw west coast and I've even learned some new gang signs to signify my entry into the posse.

As far as writing goes, I hope this week will be the exception rather than the norm. I have a lot of things to say but moving has caught me quite strongly.

What have I done this week then?

Friday and Saturday were, of course, a wash. Josh and I drove . . . then we drove some more. Then I got a speeding ticket in Nebraska. Then we drove some more and found ourselves in San Francisco. Fancy that! The first night (and second even) we crashed at my friends' place while I did my best to show Josh the parts of the city that I alreday knew -- not much.

On Sunday morning after Josh and I helped my roommates move in we wandered. First we went to Haight/Ashbury what is widely regarded as the defacto hippie neighborhood in San Francisco despite havina a GAP and Ben & Jerry's store on said corner. We went to Ameoba which is quite possibly the coolest record store ever. Then it was time for lunch where we randomly stopped in at Asquew and had some tasty food.

Next stop was the ocean where Josh and I walked the beach and agreed that it was big, blue and somewhat cold. We did not agree about wearing shoes on the beach. I did. He didn't. I was the victor as I had no sand on my feet nor sand in my shoes.

The last stop before dinner was a visit near the Golden Gate bridge. Nothing interesting to report about that except that the view is pretty nice. Afterwards we got lost and ended up stopping by another friend's place to grab a suitcase I had left there a week earlier.

Dinner was quite aawesome too. We went to a tapas like restaurant Diana sugested but the portions were more like large appitizer size than tiny dishes like I typically know tappas as. The food was quite excellent though.

That was about it for the night. The constant moving and a lot of walking on Sunday pretty much burned us out at 10pm. We tried to watch a movie but we all fell asleep.

I felt like a zombie on Monday -- if only I had someone's brains to eat. We got bagels in the morning from my new favorite place Katz' Bagels then I drove Josh to the airport and we said or farwells to "Across the country in 1.5 days."

Later that afternoon I helped Francisco unload the truck, it was the least I could do: He did drive it with my stuff in it across the country while I was lucky in my Mini.

Its now Friday and there are many things I still haven't accomplished namely getting a bed, getting some shelves, doing laundry, scheduling a tuneup and much much more that I don't care to write here.

As far as interesting things I did during the week there wasn't much. Diana and I went to see Manhattan at the Red Vic movie house. That was fun.

Wedesday I went to Wal Mart to buy some mundane things and on Thursday I took it easy. Today is Friday and there is a party tonight, a concert tomorrow, and something setting-up-my-place related on Sunday.