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Saturday, January 13, 2007

n800 arrived

So I got my n800 last night. A 2GB SD car showed up at the same time which was quite the coincidence. First off, I'm very pleased with the device. It feels a lot more polished: from the hardware design to the niceties of the new OS version, IT2007. Nokia took a device that felt like developer's beta (n770) and turned it into a real product. The faster processor is defiantly more noticeable as well as the increased RAM.


  1. Faster hardware: When using the tablet, I no longer feel like I can only run one application at a time. Now I feel comfortable having a browser window and Google Talk running at once.
  2. Better bluetooth support: Im´typing this entry with a bluetooth keyboard at took barely any effort. Im´quite excited about this. Now I have to go and buy another bluetooth GPS module since I lost my other one. Another cool thing is when you enable a keyboard, the on screen one does not pop up when you have to do input. It is smart enough to realize you have an alternate input method.
  3. Improved Opera: Gmail actually works consistently now. Yay! As everyone has already said, YouTube is unusable. To me that is okay. I don't´use it much at all.


  1. My camera arrived broken. It shows an image but doesn't flip when you rotate it away from you. I contacted Nokia already and much to my dismay, I have to send it in for service. In the interim I'll be without the device I just shelled out 400 dollars for. Lame.
  2. Non-attached case: I like the cloth case or the device, but it makes holding the device and the stylus and the case quite annoying. I'l have to find some other option for this. Its unacceptable.
  3. Opera: I wonder how much they thought about using a different browser for this iteration. I don't like opera very much. I still cant´get Google Reader or Google Calendar to work properly on the device but I was able to use it minimo with the 770.

All in all a very solid device -- I would recommend it to anyone looking to get a pda-like device. The device also seems a lot more stable too. I only had one reboot and that was when I first turned on the device. More information:

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Minimum wage in sf

Second Life Open Sourced!

Second Life has open sourced their client software -- Super cool!

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