Saturday, March 31, 2007


Started poking around with Java again. Geeze, after working so much with python, this is a pain to deal with.

I've also been sick the past two days. In between sleeping I haven't done much besides work. How is that any different than the rest of my life?

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

What's new?

Its been four months since I last updated this blog and surprising little has happened in that time. When I last left off I had just moved to San Francisco for work. I had a job, a place to live and even some friends already who had either lived in SF for a long time or had just moved to the state as well.

I spent November getting used to living in San Francisco. I had to learn the transit system, purchase things by which to live . . . soap, curtains, desk etc. I also had to learn to not use my car which compared to the other choices -- which soap to buy? Which place to get my hair cut? -- was the easier decision. I was able to find a parking garage that leaves its gates open on the weekends and doesn't check for illegal cars on the week days. Parking would be cheap as long as I could do without taking my car out during the week. Luckily Google provides a shuttle from various points of the city into work at may times of the day and night. The down side is that I have to take a bus to the shuttle stop which adds another 20-30 minutes to an already hour long commute.

I spent almost one third of December out of state. First I went to the LISA (Large Installation System Administration) conference. I had quite a blast in Washington, DC with some of my co-workers from SF and Oregon. I was decimated in a car bomb contest when the bartender we did one with slammed empty glass to the table while I still had half my glass left. I came in 3rd out of 16 people in that race. Second would have been mine had I not been stunned by the 'tender's surprise performance. The following weekend my brother came into town and I enjoyed showing him what I knew of the city. The cap of the weekend was when we went to see Rx Bandits at Bottom of the Hill. I spent the last week of December back in Carol Stream visiting friends and family. While it was quite fun and I enjoyed seeing them I was anxious to get back to my new city and life.

I returned to San Francisco on a terribly early flight on New Years Day courtesy of Josh and for the next few weeks hammered on my project at work anxiously awaiting news of a promotion.

In Februray Diana came into town to visit for a couple weeks and there were good times abounds. I visited Napa Valley for the first time saw some movies and generally had a relaxing time all the while being quite stressed at work. It was late February when I heard about my promotion. I nearly passed out when I heard the good news I was so excited and relieved.

Its the first week of March now and this month has nothing special to report. Chris is visiting for GDC this week and I imagine I'll be hanging out with some folks from Chicago tonight and for the rest of the week.