Saturday, September 29, 2007

Crooked Little Vein

Just finished reading Crooked Little Vein, by Warren Ellis -- Author of Transmetropolitian among other comic books. I'll have to admit, its a pretty fine book. A bit short, with a slightly disappointing ending. But damn, its probably the best fiction book I've read in a while, not that I know how to read or anything.

Quick summary: Dude is a down and out PI (why does this *never* get boring?) who encounters a heroin addicted state official and is charged with retrieving a lost copy of the real constitution, built in part from a pillaging alien's hide laid down by no-one other than Benjamin Franklin.

There are numerous laugh out loud moments which really cuts the book enough to balance the outright outlandish predicaments the main characters get themselves into.

As I said, the ending is a bit disappointing with a preachy Internet will save us interlude that left me angry but I unlike most has probably heard that enough that there are few others who would get frustrated with that sentiment.

All in all I do plan on picking up some other works by Warren Ellis in the future. Good thing I live a couple blocks away from a comics store.