Saturday, March 29, 2008

Drunk olpc review

my fingers dont fit.

wow i can see at 90 degrees

how does wifi work

how do i get tothe menu system

itsbeen three months how do thy know i didnt die of dysentary

how do i find the apps.

it mostly looks black and white and grey.


nice handle

what is the origin of the neighborhood manger.

why firefox not tell me how to get internet.

alt tab works. wow

im supposed to tag things? wtf?

there is so much space between keys... give me more key space.

there is a wide touch pad. why does it not work except for its center panel.

what does the hand do?

why does the left mouse button have a NO! X buton?

shooth scrollimng?

go to corners. there is the "dock"

how do i get onthe internets?

the x button does not close the firefox issue.

click activity then click stop. stop means exit.

alt tab how picture then click erase. then activity is closed.

i clicked chat. then i couldnt chat.

how do i get online.

oh no clicked erase. chat window is still there. go away chat window.

"where are you writing" huber says? i dont know i say. writing in the writing box.

i just starred the review. i wonder what that means.

oh god the light is blnking. what does it mean. is there a demon?

i clicked group. then there wa n x with a person. what now?

i went to network again then typed password. thn the internet worked. why not a connection automagical to free the net?

two finger typing... when did i do that last?

look at that.. logged into gmail? why is communication not #1 when loading the internet? i see science tab but how do i talk to people. nred activity centric interface.

clicking on image of web page in alt tab doe not load app. why not?

news reader loaded gmail... why?

acoustic tape measure. i must share. how do i do that? oh... there it is.

news reader... bbc channel.

they took away my internet. how do i get on free the net ?Z


ope en antne

open antennae before open device. that is the lock.

lets see if kevin is online...

ohno... rock band guitar insted... it didnt do anything.

rock band guitar looked like...

oops. copy n paste does not work from terminal.